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10 Tips for Decorating Your Kids’ Room with Area Rugs

10 Tips for Decorating Your Kids’ Room with Area Rugs

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Kids’ rooms are great spaces to show your creativity by creating a fun and charming place where everyone enjoys spending time. One of the key elements in a kids’ bedroom is indeed the area rug.

An area rug provides a good layer of comfort and warmth for your child, especially considering how much children like to spend time on the floor, crawling, drawing, playing, and reading. 

In addition, an area rug in a kids’ bedroom also serves as a good sound insulator for the rest of the house.

Therefore, by properly covering the floor with a rug, neither you nor your neighbors will hear a ball bouncing or a book dropping to the ground.

Children’s bedroom rugs also provide an amazing opportunity to add color, pattern, a variety of materials, and texture to the bedroom, in a fashionable way. 

Last but not least, as other bedroom rugs as well, these pieces of textile offer a soft and cozy landing for your children’s feet when they wake up in the morning. 

Considering the many functions that rugs serve, you might think it is difficult to find the right one for your kids’ bedroom. Do not worry though because this is where our experience can come to your aid.

Here are some tips we have prepared to help you in your quest.

1 – Consider the Child’s Age

When you start to decorate your kid’s room, you immerse yourself in their world and what they like.

Children’s preferences and habits change quite frequently, however. This is why, before picking a rug for their room, you need to consider their age. Here are some tips: 

  • When choosing a nursery rug your job is quite easy. After all, you are the only one who will actually make use of and appreciate the rug. Therefore, pick whatever you like as long as it goes well with the rest of the decor. 
  • A toddler’s rug, on the other hand, will actually be used by the toddler during playtime and crawling. As a result, pick something that is soft and plush so it will give warmth to your child. Aim for a natural material such as cotton. Try to find a stain-resistant rug that can also be machine washed.

    Last but not least, opt for bold colors to stimulate your child’s development. The cotton red rug above is a great addition to the white bedroom. It provides a soft designated area for the child to play.

    The design is plain with just one central star, which allows the child to stay focused on the toys rather than the patterns of the rug.
  • By the time your child starts school, you can decorate the room again and choose a low pile rug. Low pile rugs are easy to walk on, study, rest or play with toys. This is the time when your kid loves to stay on the ground and explore the entire space of the room, but also use the floor as a table and playground.

    In terms of colors and patterns, you can start to introduce more geometric shapes by now or even letters, cars, plants, etc. to help the child learn. 
  • Once your kid gets older you can stimulate their sense of style and design and bring them along to choose their own new rug. Help them in their decision by introducing them to kilims, mid-century modern designs, Oriental rugs, or Bohemian ones, and choose whichever matches the theme of the room. 

2 – Pick a Theme for your Kid’s Rug


Themes are always good to have in a design process as they allow the room to tell a story through colors and patterns, without becoming too overwhelming or confusing. Keeping a theme when choosing a rug for a kids’ room is extremely important since these rooms are often full of textures and patterns. 

If you have an eclectic bedroom full of colors, apply that to the rug as well. If your child’s bedroom has paler shades you can go for a shabby chic rug

Try to stick to a color scheme and pull inspiration from the furniture or walls. You do not need to be too literal in preserving the theme through the design of the rug.

This room for example shows a space theme. The rug pulls inspiration from the navy blue shade of the sky also depicted on the walls. This is a low pile hand-woven striped rug that demonstrates a mature design.

3 – Do Not Be Afraid of Bold Colored Rugs


Adults tend to choose gray and beige rugs, or stick to the common pastel palette for area rugs, just to keep it safe. Kids however appreciate a pop of color on their floors. 

Color stimulates their creativity and imagination and makes the room look more fun instead of boring. So when picking a rug for your child’s bedroom or even a playroom rug, go for a bold color and make it an accent piece. 

You will notice that a colorful rug will add cheerfulness to the room and brighten the whole atmosphere. The area rug will allow the bedroom to become a happy place with an enhanced character where your child can feel comfortable and free to express themselves.

This bedroom for instance uses a large area rug in different bright bold colors to cover the dark floors and brighten up the room. Despite the wall being a large blackboard, the area rug manages to make the room look amusing. 

4 – Listen to the Client


It is easy to get caught up in a design and let inspiration thrive. However, before making the final decision on what to purchase you need to realize that when it comes to a kids bedroom, you’re not the client. They are! 

Listen carefully to what your child likes. Some children are put off by long piles and plush rugs, while others really enjoy being immersed in their coziness.

If you are not sure about the material, you can go with a jute rug which is a safe option. Jute rugs like the one in the picture, are seamless and natural and will adapt to any bedroom. 

Most children will have a say in the color choice as well. The choices of rugs are endless so give them the option to be part of the decision making, they surely will appreciate it.

Even if your child is too young to choose their own area rug, make sure that he or she likes it. After all, the children are the primary users of the rug and need to feel comfortable stepping on it. 

5 – Read the Rug Tag


Make sure to look at the properties of the rug before buying it. Natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, jute, bamboo are safer options for your child. 

Also, a water-resistant and machine washable rug is the best option for you to maintain it clean and germ-free at all times without too much hustle. 

Last but not least, look for that ‘stain-resistant’ tag. You will really appreciate this feature in the long rug. 

A thin cotton rug like in the picture is a great choice, especially if you have underfloor heating. These rugs feel almost like throw blankets and are very easy to clean and maintain. They are also soft to the touch as most of them are made of cotton or wool, both natural and comfortable materials. 

6 – Take Your Time to Decorate with an Interesting Rug Design


Rugs are large pieces of decor that manage to make a statement in any room, even a child room. Make sure you do not take it for granted and just throw in whatever you find.

Take your time to pick the right area rug for your child’s bedroom. Look for a rug with an interesting design that will appeal to your boy or girl. Also, make sure it matches the existing decor of the room, including the wall paint or wallpaper.

The large area rug in this bedroom is quite a noticeable piece. It gives the floors another character and creates a link between the dark shade of the wood and the light tone of the walls. 

The rug balances the color scheme by still maintaining a warm feeling throughout the room. It offers a soft and plush designated play area for the little girl that owns the room. 

7 – Mix and Match Decor with the Rug


Choose your area rug in your child’s bedroom in conjunction with other soft fabrics in the room, so that everything matches. You can match the rug with the curtains, throw pillows, bedspread, or bed sheets.  

The pale blue low pile woven rug in this bedroom creates a link between the curtains and the bedspreads. The entire ensemble in the room, including the whiteboards on the beds and the warm wooden stairs, create a coastal atmosphere. The room feels fresh and comfortable. 

8 – Layer the Rugs


Layering rugs is quite a common design move for many spaces in the house. It is also something that your kids’ bedrooms can benefit from.

Layering will allow you kids floors to be more detailed and curated. It will also make the room warmer and more comfortable. 

When layering different rugs however make sure that it is done safely and there is no tripping danger anywhere. If your children are too young and tend to run around in their bedroom a lot, this is probably not the best option for you. 

You can use this move to decorate an older kids’ room and make it look more elegant and interesting, or a baby’s room since they are monitored at all times.

Two rugs have been layered in this nursery. The larger rug is a low pile with a slightly harsher finish that creates a warm layer on the floors. The upper layer is a warm and plush shag runner rug where the baby can learn to crawl and play.

It also features more colors and shapes to grab their attention and stimulate their movement. 

9 – Think Out of the Box


Most stores have a children section when it comes to rugs. This does not mean however that you must make your choices within this filter. 

You can choose a more ‘adult-like’ rug for your kid’s bedroom and still achieve a cheerful look. There are many rug options that can be placed in a children’s bedroom and work quite well. 

You can use a shabby chic pink rug for a girls bedroom or even a woolen kilim rug for a boys bedroom. 

This room is made more elegant and fancy through the large shabby chic pink rug. The rug matches the throw pillows of the bed and also provides an interesting cover for the plain floors of the large bedroom. 

10 – Leave Room for Future Rug Changes and Improvements

Animal rug for kids

When decorating a kid’s room one thing is for sure, it is going to change constantly. Therefore, keep in mind that whatever rug you choose at a certain point in time, it will probably be the first one to go when it’s time to redecorate.

As a result, it’s good to keep things affordable and flexible. Look for smaller rugs rather than one large area rug. Round shapes or other peculiar forms are quite popular amongst kids. 

Also, try to avoid carpets. If you want to cover every inch of the room, it is better to layer a few rugs than to fit a carpet. Carpets require more maintenance and a great deal of work to remove or clean if stained.

If you already have a fitted carpet in the room, aim to place a rug to protect it and make the floors more interesting. 

Last but not least, avoid high-end rugs such as unique Oriental pieces that you might get too attached to. Keep in mind that nothing is too safe in a kid’s room.