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About Us

Who We Are

Homely Rugs Favicon was born in July, 2019. Along with a dedicated team of interior designers, our goal is to help you narrow down your choice of rug.

We understand just how daunting it is to browse through thousands of different styles without knowing which one offers the best comfort, style, value for money and other important criteria.

Our expert interior designers provide insights on the perfect rug choices for different rooms and guide you in realizing your desired decor style. 

Editorial Guidelines & Publishing Principles

At Homely Rugs, our dedication to editorial excellence remains steadfast, and we approach this duty with profound dedication.

Our experienced team of interior designers strive to keep our content free of conflicts or ethical concerns.

If you have any concerns about any of our articles, or how they can be improved, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Meet Our Team

Kejsi Rama – Interior Designer at Homely Rugs

Kejsi Rama - Architect Interior Designer at Homely Rugs

Kejsi has an MArch in Advanced Architectural studies. She has worked on a variety of projects including small scale apartments, interior design work as well as larger commercial buildings.

Her passion lies in writing, especially for architectural and interior design topics. Rugs and carpets have always been of interest to her, as some of the most interesting layers of an interior design project.

Zunaira Ghazal – Interior Designer at Homely Rugs

Zunaira Ghazal - Writer & Interior Designer at Homely Rugs

Zunaira is a professional architect and interior designer with a passion for writing. She’s designed various residential and commercial projects, which include retail, cafes, and corporate offices.

She’s somewhat a veteran in rugs and has even visited an atelier in Turkey where she got to experience this art very closely. She’s very knowledgeable about the difference between all the various rug types, materials, their uses, and how each one can bring a new, unique flavor to an interior design.

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Affiliate Disclosure

We have affiliate links to products. Each time a user clicks through on a link and purchases a product, we earn a commission. This helps to ensure that our service remains free to use.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Advertising and Contact

If you have any advertising enquiries (including product reviews), general enquiries or anything else, please contact us. One of the team will get back to you shortly (usually within 24 hours).