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How to Match Curtains and Drapes with Area Rugs

How to Match Curtains and Drapes with Area Rugs

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A beautiful room decor, whether a living room or a bedroom, requires the careful and fashionable combination of a number of elements. Apart from the large furniture pieces, there are some smaller items that you can choose to upgrade the space of your dreams.

These include soft pieces of textiles that are crucial to the completion of a well-decorated room, such as area rugs, curtains, throw pillows, artwork and throw covers. Matching the area rug to the curtains is one of the most interesting combinations that can change the entire atmosphere in the space.

You do not necessarily need to be an interior designer to create a charming and intriguing living room, which can show off your character and creativity. Combining curtains with rugs, however, can prove to be a bit challenging or even overwhelming.

After all, there are so many different colors and patterns of both area rugs and drapes that you can choose from. It requires a keen eye for design to bring coherence to the interior decor of the living room or any other resting space of the house.

Any interior decor needs a concept or a story to tell. In general, this story starts with the rug. The area rug is the anchor point as it covers the larger space that needs to be decorated, such as the ground. Its location on the floor is also a gravitating point for the eye, as it is the first thing that anyone sees when they enter a home.

Therefore, the selection of the rug will then impact the selection of the drapes. Both elements should create an interesting story that is then going to determine the theme of your interior.

Area Rugs and Curtain Sets


Area rugs and curtain sets are usually called ‘The Power Couple’. Why? Just think of them as two pieces of a well-put-together outfit, one that aims to impress everyone looking at it in terms of colors, patterns and any other visual detail available.

The area rug and curtain sets have the same purpose as a skirt and a blouse: making the room feel complete and well-dressed! Therefore, they should also match one another in order to create a cohesive interior where anyone can find the necessary peace of mind needed to unwind after a long day.

Considering the major impact both the area rug and the drapes have in a room, finding the right match can be a bit of a challenge. In addition, drapes have a very important mission to accomplish by themselves, which makes them very important pieces in a space.

Curtains are used for a variety of purposes. They allow you to change the brightness of the room on demand, add extra insulation on the windows as well as create another layer of privacy. In addition, curtains are also used to make the ceiling look taller and the entire room look bigger.

Lastly, curtains also have an important job to do as a link between the area rug and all the other elements in the room, whether they are furniture pieces or decor items. The right choice for drapes can display a harmonious ensemble, through a cohesive and glamorous design that will add personality and character to the entire space.

How to Match and Coordinate Curtains and Area Rugs

Here are a few tips on how to coordinate and match curtains and area rugs based on patterns, colors, size, and fabric.



Patterns and motifs are the most important elements to match when choosing curtains and rugs. The hierarchy, in this case, remains: rug first, curtain next. This means that the patterns of the rug will determine the patterns of the drapes.

Here are a few tips:

  • For big spaces, you can mix up the scales so that your living space does not seem like it is all covered in wallpaper. Generally, the pattern of the rug should be bigger and the patterns of the curtains should be a smaller scale. The aim is not to make the space too overwhelming with the same feature.
  • It is best not to match everything to the letter. What this means is that if you have an area rug with a strong geometrical shape, try to choose a set of curtains that complements the design but does not copy it to the letter. Block colors or a linear design could work best in this case.
  • Try to keep a balance in the design. Do not ignore the rest of the items in the room. Therefore, if the rug has heavy and bold patterns on it, and the furniture follows the same concept, go for curtains that have little to no motifs on them.

Color Palettes


Both curtains and rugs come in a variety of colors. Therefore, there is no set of rules on how to perfectly coordinate them together. There are instead some guidelines that you can follow to feel more confident in your match-making. Check the colors of the rug and get inspired from there.

As it was previously mentioned, it all starts from the rug.

  • Do not try to match colors exactly as it seems forced and unnatural. Start with a pale palette and keep building up your color scheme from there. You can pick just one color from the motifs of the rug and choose a curtain in that color. Or, you could also pick three colors from the rug and combine them into the design of the drapes.
  • If your rug has different colors in it, opt for the lighter color for the curtains. It will make the room look bigger and brighter.
  • The color of the rug and the drapes should not match perfectly. As long as you use similar hues, you are guaranteed to have a harmonious match.

Curtain Size


There are three types of curtains in terms of size, those that brush to the floor, the ones that barely touch the floor and the ones that go up to the window sill. Each type can be combined with a certain area rug.

For a more elegant look, when you have a big Persian rug or a thick wool rug, those long curtains that brush the floor are a perfect choice. They complete the image of a rich texture and glamorous living room.

If your rug is a smaller size and a more playful design, then a shorter curtain is better as it does not become visually overwhelming to the sight. Both the full length as well as the window sill curtains can be used in this case. They provide a cleaner look for the entire space.

Curtain Fabric


Curtains come in different types of fabrics, each with their own characteristics. Cotton is a very versatile material, lightweight and easy to clean.

If you have a cotton rug, a lightweight Kilim rug or a small weaved rug in wool, cotton drapes are the perfect combination as they accentuate the rug and create a soft and warm blend in the living space.

Velvet curtains are an elegant solution for big spaces with high ceilings. These curtains go perfectly with a Persian rug or any other rug with a sheen and glow on them.

Wool curtains are a peculiar choice, mainly for cold climates. These curtains can be matched with a thick wool rug with a fringe, that covers a large area.

Sheer curtains are a quick and fun solution for most living spaces, and they go with almost any rug as they are a lightweight material that does not overwhelm the characteristics and features of the rug.

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General Tips and Combinations

When choosing the right curtains for your living room, make sure not to make the room too busy with patterns and colors. Create a color palette of three to five colors that you like and stick to it. The same thing goes for patterns. Here are some formulas for you to try out:

  • Lattice rug combined with a diamond drapes
  • Tribal wool rug combined with blue patterned drapes
  • Grey grid rug combined with striped drapes
  • Blue plaid rug combined with faint floral drapes
  • Wool and cotton beige rug combined with light green linen drapes
  • Color block rug combined with linen drapes
  • Scandinavian thin rug combined with velvet drapes
  • Mosaik rug combined with fringed cotton drapes
  • Circle rug combined with vines drapes
  • Natural fiber rug combined with roman blackout curtains
  • Navy shag rug combined with herringbone curtain panel
  • Flokati wool rug combined with a retro velvet curtain
  • Cable knit rug combined with velvet dark drapes
  • Kilim handwoven rug combined with lace trim curtains
  • Leopard print rug combined with tassel drapes
  • Black plaid rug combined with French toile curtains

Area Rug And Curtain Combinations

Here are some interesting combos to inspire you:

The Natural Combo


This is an interesting and peaceful combination of pale colors, perfect for those who want a quiet interior. The area rug of this living room covers a wide space and features a large scale diamond design with a tribal twist through the grey triangles.

The rug is a thick and warm wool blend that goes perfectly with the surrounding oak wood colors.

The curtains in this case are a soft and lightweight cotton material, all in white. This is a safe choice for anyone who does not want to overwhelm the space visually with a lot of colors or patterns. The curtains accentuate the faint motifs of the rug and create a well balanced design.

The Linen Combo


This is a free-spirited design with wonderful autumn colors. A perfect choice for those who like the charm of a vintage interior as much as the elegance of contemporary designs.

The rug features strong colors in a rough weaved design. Black and white, modernism at its best. The drapes on the other hand match both the material as well as the design of the rug but not in a literal and forced manner.

The linen material goes perfectly with the rough feeling of the rug, giving the whole space a vintage vibe. The colors of the curtains are not as bold as not to overwhelm the rug. They just add a splash of creativity and playfulness to the room.

The Elegant Combo


The colors, the material, the texture, all scream elegance and glamour in this perfect combo. This is a great combination for those who need everything to be in their place and in order.

The rug features a large scale thick rug with a sheen finish. The curtains are full length lightweight fabric that matches the color of the rug but does not copy the same exact shade.

The palette used in this case features dark colors which is why the material of the curtain allows sunlight to pierce through. This feature adds brightness to the whole design.

The Colorful Combo


This is a fun and playful design, mainly coming across through the drapes. The rug itself features a simple dark block color which looks much more cheerful when combined with the yellow bits of the curtains.

The curtains pull one color from the rug and add a more creative and happy vibe to the room through the bright bold colors and zigzag patterns. All in all, a powerful combination that truly works.

The Bold Combo


Sometimes it is good to be bold and unapologetic when it comes to creating some great combos for your living room. This is a great example of how to think outside the box.

This living room features pale colors in terms of furniture. The area rug and curtains are the ones that bring everything to life. The rug is a beautiful Persian rug with dark blue colors and motifs that have been combined with a heavy red velvet curtain.

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The takeaway? Dare to experiment a little! Be creative! Not everything needs to match to the letter!

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Got a new rug trying to match curtains with the couch and rug

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Sunday 10th of April 2022

I have yellow drapes with birds and branches in blue and gray. I have a red sofa set. I'm having problems choosing an area rug? Mid to dark blue? Floral? Help!