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Area Rugs

What is an Area Rug?

As the name suggests, an area rug covers a certain part of a floor, unlike a wall to wall carpet that covers the entire floor of a room. Area rugs are basically used for two purposes; one is décor, and the other is accenting or defining a space. Area rugs give a wonderful shape and look to an ordinary space by adding warmth, texture, and a splash of color in the case of brightly colored rugs.

Benefits of Area Rugs

Area rugs can unite a space by bringing all its elements together, or divide a room in specific sections. They can even be used just to accent or define a space. With area rugs, it is very easy to achieve the kind of look you want to give your room. Carpets usually come in solid colors and cost quite a bit. Moreover, changing a wall to wall carpeting is a feat in itself, and a major decision. Area rugs, however, are cheaper to buy, and easy to place, clean, and change. That is certainly not all – these are available in exquisite patterns and colors that make a room warm, comfortable and impressive.

How to Use an Area Rug

There are so many ways to use an area rug. They can be placed directly on the floor, or even on wall to wall carpeting to enhance the look of the floor. Unlike carpets, they can be easily and affordably changed when you are in the mood for a redesign of your space. Area rugs can even be used as wall hangings to decorate a room (see our in-depth article on how to hang a rug). Area rugs come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that there is no limit to what you can do with them. Small area rugs do a perfect job of decorating your entryway while larger rugs act as an anchor for the furniture in your bedroom, living and/or dining room. By covering up part of a hard floor, area rugs offer a warm and comfortable place to sit on the floor; throw in some large floor cushions and you have yourself a cozy conversational spot. Moreover, such a setting increases the seating of your space so you can host and entertain a larger number of guests.


There is a variety of materials you can choose from when buying an area rug, ranging from natural fiber such as wool to synthetic fiber such as polypropylene. Each material has its own benefits, so you can pick whatever you feel is best suited for your room.

Shapes and Sizes

The different shapes and sizes of area rugs mean that they can be placed anywhere in the house. Whether it is an empty corner or a well-furnished living room, an area rug adds style and color. Round area rugs are an excellent choice to make your entryway chic and friendly. Although it is a matter of personal opinion and preference, circular area rugs do give a friendly look as compared to rectangular and square rugs. Rectangular and square shaped area rugs can be used for an elegant and classy look. They also do an amazing job of filling up large spaces, such as a living room, by bringing together all the furniture. An area rug adds more than just style to a space, and you cannot go wrong with it. These rugs enhance a room, and make it cozy by significantly reducing noise and accenting spaces.
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