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Best Coastal Area Rugs for your Home, Beach House or Boat

Best Coastal Area Rugs for your Home, Beach House or Boat

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Most beach houses or coastal based homes are meant to create an escape for the users, and the calm coastal theme is the perfect way to do that. Without carpeting a home can feel colder or have echoes, where adding an area rug can bring a softer, more comfortable feel to the space.

A beach-themed rug would be an excellent addition to such retreats. It would match with the keynotes of your ambiance, but would have a lot of functional relevance to boot!

In higher traffic areas a thinner rug can be better to avoid tripping hazards, but in low traffic areas such as bedrooms, thick, shag rugs can be enjoyed. You can find relevant ones all over the market.

Even outdoor spaces of retreat homes and beach houses can be brought together with the addition of an area rug; signifying an area to gather, possibly with a table, chairs, or just a place to overlook scenery.

Some rugs can also signify an entrance, exit or a place to remove or put on shoes. These types of area rugs can also act as a piece of art, using pattern and color to bring a space together.

Further, we’ll be taking a look at several coastal area rugs that you can furnish in your homes, beach houses, and even boats! Here they are:

Coastal and Beach Themed Area Rugs

Adding the blues and tans of the outdoor area to the home can bring the theme to life. Coastal patterns such as starfish, sand dollars and reefs can add some relaxing vibes to your beach or boat house. Some highly recommended rugs for coastal themes are as follows;

Blue Swirling Stipple Area Rug

Salina Hand-Tufted Blue Area Shag Rug

Available in sizes: 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, 7.6’x9.6’, 8.6’x11.6”

Material: Polyester

Featuring a stunning abstract whirlpool design and a gorgeous, cool blue aesthetic, this rug would become the statement piece of your interior design. With subtle marine-themed hues a la cerulean, navy, and azure, this rug would be totally on-point with your coastal theme.

It’s perfectly slated to be an amazing centrepiece and its unique pattern attracts the eye with its well-proportioned asymmetry!

This rug is highly rated due to its softness, value, durability and clean ability. Being made fully of polyester gives this shag rug the ability to withstand everyday use as well as heavy traffic. Polyester is also an insect resistant material which assists in durability.

The stain resistance of this shag rug – as long as the substance is removed within a timely manner – is also very impressive. Just take care to not use hot water or blow dry the rug as it could shrink or melt.

With a wide variety of size options it will be sure to fit in any desired space to create a coastal feel. You can either feature it in your bedrooms, entrance ways, or even in the middle of your living room thanks to the availability of various sizes.

Main Features

– Has a soft, shag texture.
– Features a whirlpool pattern.
– Its cool-blue aesthetic is visually pleasing.
– Is able to hold its own against heavy foot traffic.
– Is recommended for indoor use only.

Blue Fading Rainbows Area Rug

Blue Fading Rainbows Area RugBlue Fading Rainbows Area Rug

Available in sizes: 4’x6’, 5’3”x7’7”, 7’10”x11’, 9’x12’

Material: Polypropylene

With its interesting mix of sandy orange + breezy blue hue, this area rug would make an excellent addition to your retreat homes.

It has the kind of contemporary design that would pair really well with rattan style beachy furniture. The abstract design is incredibly eye catching and articulated in powerloomed polypropylene.

This rug is a high rated rug due to its appearance, versatility and easy maintenance. By creating a rug out of a material like polypropylene (also known as olefin) this item has been destined for optimal durability.

Polypropylene is one of the most common synthetic materials used in high traffic areas and it can also be treated to become stain resistant. This is great for an area in a beach house or boat house where people are in and out and could be tracking things in from the outdoors.

This rug offers both small and large size options and will be sure to fit in any desired space to create a beachy feel. You can use it as a centrepiece in your beach house lounge or place it at the foot of your bed for an escapist vibe.

Main features:

– Indoor use only
– Has a great sand-dollar-on-beach design.
– Offers easy maintenance.
– Is ultra strong.
– Comes in two sizes.
– Has been sturdily power loomed.

Navy Ombre Shag Area Rug

Navy Ombre Shag Area Rug

Available in sizes: 4’x6’, 5’x8’

Material: Polyester

This gorgeously abstract area rug has an aesthetic that resembles a stunning sunset at the beach. Its deep blue to bright orange ombre hues have been merged and arranged in a way that feels truly artistic.

With such evocative looks and great thematic value, it would make an excellent addition to any beach house/boat. Its contemporary visuals are fit to be veritable focal points, so try to avoid putting any furniture on top of it.

With two distinct size options this rug is sure to fit in any desired space at hand. With its beautiful aesthetic and modern visuals, this rug could be used in a number of spaces in a beach house or a boat house – be it a small dining room, a living room, or a bedroom this rug will bring the aesthetic of coastal living with its transitional colors.

This rug has received great customer ratings due to its appearance, durability and easy maintenance. Its shaggy surface is super soft and will feel heavenly to sink your feet into.

Main features:

– An elegant contemporary style aesthetic.
– Powerloomed for durability.
– Offers convenient upkeep and maintenance.
– Made from durable polyester.

Orange Coral Border Area Rug

Claycomb Coral Border Rug

Available in sizes: 3.5’x5.6’, 7.6’x9.6’

Round: 5′, 8’

Material: Acrylic, Polyester

Pile Height: 0.38”

No beach or coastal theme is ever complete without the coral reefs and that’s exactly what this particular area rug offers with its unique patterning and understated coloring.

It has a solid middle, which provides a great opportunity to furnish with an elegant coffee table to highlight the coral-style borders. I think it would look great in the living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen, given that you pick the right size.

With its easy elegance and effortless style, I think this rug is sure to pair gorgeously with any other coastal décor you have planned for your space. This rug in particular is great for indoor and outdoor applications and can be easily cleaned off with the hose thanks to its sturdy synthetic build.

At a feasible pile height, this rug is a great compromise between a thick rug or a thin rug. This will give it the durability you need as well as the comfort you want! Plus: it feels positively plush to stand on!

Main features:

– Features a contemporary style design.
– Is perfectly viable for indoor and outdoor use.
– It boasts easy maintenance.
– It’s tufted and handmade from a durable combo of polyester and acrylic.

Marine Themed Area Rugs

As Sebastian from the little mermaid said,

“…darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea…”

Adding the blues and greens of the marine life theme to your home can create a cool underwater aesthetic. Marine life patterns such as fish, turtles, and shells can add some intriguing, adventurous vibes to your beach or boat house. Some highly recommended rugs for marine themes are as follows:

Navy Shaggy Area Rug

Navy Shaggy Area Rug

Available in sizes: 2’x3’, 3.2’x5’, 4’x6’, 5.3’x7.6’, 6.7’x9’, 8’x10’

Round: 4’, 5’, 8’

Material: Polypropylene

With a deep blue color that entices with its visual presence and charisma, this area rug would make an excellent addition to your marine themed homes. It’s cool, sophisticated, has a solid color scheme, and is very pleasing to look at. Moreover, you can even accent it with different furniture items for a friendlier look.

The deep blue hue of this area rug is a complete fan-favourite. It has a positively elemental aesthetic and is available in multiple shapes be it rectangular or circular.

The best customer ratings that this rug has received are due to its stain resistance, qualitative value, durability and ease of maintenance.

With a great synthetic material like polyester this rug is extremely durable in high traffic areas. This is great for particularly messy spaces in a beach or boat house. The best part: any excess dirt would be barely noticeable thanks to the dark blue finish of the rug.

Main features:

– Comes in a stunning, bold blue color.
– Is machine-made.
– It’s available in multiple sizes and shapes.
– Requires immediate spot checking upon spills.
– Is very plush to stand on.
– Vacuum without the beater bar.

Aqua Starfish Area Rug

Aqua Starfish Area Rug

Available in sizes: 3.6’x5.6’, 5’x7.6’, 7.6’x9.6’

Material: 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic

The beautiful marine starfish pattern offered with this rug is one of the greatest assets of this product. While some of the other rugs shown are shag and very soft, this rug is powerloomed so it has a thinner feel to it that can make it easier to place in a room that people are entering and exiting frequently.

As far as placement goes, this is an area rug that’s slated to be a centrepiece (see our Area rugs placement guide for some great tips).

With its classic starfish design and airy blue backdrop, it would be absolutely redundant to layer it with furniture and other accent pieces. You can simply put it at the foot of your bed, in the middle of your lobbies/foyers, under your dining tables, in the middle of your living rooms, or at the base of your study room desk.

Polypropylene (olefin) is one of the main reasons that this rug can be considered for both the indoors and outdoors and has gained a high rating. That and its appearance, versatility and clean ability. Due to the lighter weight of this rug there may need to be rug stickers incorporated so that the rug does not slip.

Main features:

– Highly versatile and unique.
– Is powerloomed.
– Features a star fish design on a blue backdrop.
– Is very sturdy and easy to clean.

Navy Fish Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Navy Fish Indoor Outdoor Area Rug

Available in sizes: 2’x4, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’

Material: Polypropylene

Featuring a shoal of fishes floating on a gorgeous solid blue background, this rug is a dream come true for every marine theme aficionado.

It’s a centrepiece at heart and would make for stunning accompaniment to your living room furniture. It would also look great splayed at the foot of your bed. It exudes a casual elegance and playful aesthetics that would totally reinvent your spaces.

This Polypropylene rug was power loomed to bring the sea to life. Available in various sizes this is perfect for literally any room.

This rug incorporates cool tones with a contemporary and marine aesthetic. Its serene color scheme soothes the eye and is highly tranquil to look at.

Main features:

– Indoor and outdoor quality rug.
– Made from polypropylene.
– Has a contemporary aesthetic.
– Is plush, soft, and durable.

Multi Coral Reef Area Rug

Multi Coral Reef Area RugMulti Coral Reef Area Rug

Available in sizes: 5’x8’, 7.6’x10’

Material: 100% nylon

Coral under the sea theme of this rug brings marine life right into your home. This fade-resistant nylon area rug is perfect for a patio area or conservatory.

The color combinations of blues, gold and aqua make this rug one of the best design choices for a seaside home.

Main features:
– Indoor and Outdoor.
– Machine-made in USA.
– Highly durable.

Nautical Themed Area Rugs

Adding the blue, red and white of the nautical theme to your home can create a modern boating life feel. This theme has been made pretty popular lately.

Nautical patterns such as anchors, boats, and the ocean can be a vital piece to a marine themed home. Some highly recommended rugs for nautical themes are as follows;

Multi Compass Rose Area Rug

Multi Compass Rose Area Rug

Available in sizes: 1.10’x2.8’, 2.7’x4.2’, 5.3’x7.6’, 7.10’x10.6’

Material: 100% olefin

Literally shaped like a compass, this rug would articulate your nautical theme very accurately with its on-the-nose presence.

It’s a centrepiece at its core and you’ll need to furnish it in the middle of your rooms to retain its statement-worthiness.

Main features:

– Machine-made in Turkey.
– Features a classic nautical theme.
– It’s very easy to maintain.

Navy Anchors Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Navy Anchors Area Rug

Available in sizes: 2’x3’, 2’x4’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’

Material: Polypropylene

The ship anchor is a staple of the nautical theme and this area rug features it as the main pattern. Its basic blue and white color scheme is elegantly translated. It would make an excellent focal point but I think you can just as easily pair it with the right furniture as well.

The nautical colors and patterns offered with this rug are one of the greatest assets for this product.

As this area rug is made with polypropylene, it can be used in high traffic areas and it is also stain resistant. Not only that but this product in particular is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Main features:

– Stain resistant.
– Lightweight.
– Indoor / Outdoor use.
– Machine made.

Navy Sailing Ship Area Rug

Navy Sailing Ship Area Rug

Available in sizes: 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’

Material: Cotton flatweave

This ship-themed nautical rug is as artful as they come and would make a great centrepiece. Its main pattern is accentuated with a bold red S at one corner. I’d recommend not loading it with any kind of furniture as it’ll hide away its focal pattern.

It’s made out of a stain resistant material that will spice up any hardwood floor! This rug can even go in high traffic areas such wet kitchens or main entryways. It’s handmade out of cotton and I’d only recommend using it indoors only.

Main features:

– This is a novelty item.
– It’s made out of sturdy cotton.
– Features a classic nautical theme.
– Recommended for indoor use only.

Navy Nautical Anchor Area Rug

Navy Nautical Anchor Area Rug

Available in sizes: 3’X5’, 4’X6’, 5’X8’, 6’X9’

Material: 100% Wool

This beautiful nautical patterned rug incorporates navy and white color themes and a statement anchor. This rug is hand tufted so it has a thin feel to it that can make it easier to place in an area that people are entering and exiting frequently without causing anyone to trip.

This rug is intended for interior use only, though could be used on a boat house if there was proper protection in place.

Main features:
– Has a gorgeous navy backdrop.
– Recommended for indoor use only.
– Is made in India.

Important Considerations for Choosing a Coastal or Ocean Themed Area Rug

There are many more things to consider when selecting an area rug besides the typical: ‘I like it’. Some of the considerations are as follows while buying beach, marine, and nautical themed rugs:


It is important to consider size of the rug when making a purchase like this. As the old adage goes, “measure twice and cut once” in this case it is measure twice and buy once. To make the most informed decision, the first important question to ask yourself is “Where is this rug going to go?”

Dining Room

Dining Rooms are best suited with rugs that allow for about 2 to 3 feet on each side of the table for the movement of chairs, to avoid scratching the floor materials underneath, or having a chair be uneven when sitting on it. Usually the minimum width in a setting such as this will be about 8’.

Living Room

For living rooms, it is best to leave at least 1 foot of space between the rug and walls since you can’t hide the entire floor!

It is also recommended to have at least the front feet of the main furniture pieces on the rug. Exact sizing will be dependent upon the dimensions of the room as well as the furniture pieces you want to place on it.


Bedrooms have multiple options for the optimal rug locations and sizes. First off you could get two runner sized rugs to go along each side of the bed. Exact sizes will depend on the room.

This is another instance that you want to keep a small border between the wall and rug. Another option will be to get one larger rug that will go under about 2/3 of the bed, sticking out on either side for you to land when getting on or off the bed.


Going along with the questions to ask yourself about size and how you should determine what they are, another item to address is the material. Some materials you can chose from are wool, viscose, nylon, jute, olefin, and polyester.

All have different pros and cons. Mostly, the material choice depends on what exactly you’re looking for.

A marine themed rug for the outdoors could be sturdy, stain resistant and washable polypropylene. Similarly, a nautical indoor themed rug for the indoors could be a reversible flatweave or shag. At the end of the day, it all depends on the placement and your personal requirements.


The construction of the rug will also play a very large part in the overall perception and visual delivery of your marine themed rug. Options are (but not limited to): Flatweave, handknotted, tufted, and shag.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding this factor are:

– Is this going in a high or low traffic area?

Higher traffic areas prefer a low pile to the rug, while low traffic areas can have something higher if desired. (Pro tip: longer piles tend to become matted with too much foot traffic.)

– What will this room be used for?

For example, if this rug will be placed in a dining room, a lower pile is going to want to be used, otherwise it will catch a plethora of crumbs as well as get destroyed while pulling chairs in and out.

In a bedroom a shag carpet can be great under your feet when you first wake up. Visuals vs. functionality is a battle you’ll be fighting the whole time in such cases.

– Who is going to be using the spaces?

Children and animals tend to cause a little bit more of a mess than mature adults. Therefore, a more cleanable material may want to be chosen in these circumstances.

Ease of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning is based on the material selected and ultimately, what you are trying to clean. Most flat weaves will be easy to shake off dirt and sand that may accumulate on the surface, while shag flooring will need a heavy duty vacuum prepared for thick carpeting.

Synthetic materials are usually very easy to wash and clean, as well as are typically treated with stain resistant chemicals. Polypropylene will be one of the best for outdoor rugs, but check each specific rug for cleaning and staining instructions before you do anything.


In conclusion, there are many different factors that go into selecting a rugs, and there are even more choices out there to look through!

But once you ask yourself some important questions of want and need it should narrow things down from the technical standpoint to get to where you can select things as what you want to look at and feel daily.

There are some amazing options when it comes to coastal, beach, marine and nautical themes, so in your next beach house or boat house think about incorporating some of these rugs!