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Learn About Rugs

It is important to take care of your rugs in order for them to last a long time. In addition to helping you shop for a rug, Homely Rugs also aims to guide you on all rug topics with educational guides and fun facts.

A Brief History on the Rugs Industry

The rugs and carpets industry began in the United States in 1791. Since then, new trends are introduced every now and then which makes every rug piece unique. The term “carpet” is derived from the Latin word carpere meaning “to pluck”. The basic techniques of carpet weaving have changed over time. This process started off with hand work, and later on, machines were introduced through which the production of rugs and carpets became very easy. Every culture has its own way of representing its trends and motifs in the rugs of its region. Rugs are considered as the most attractive part of home décor. The colors and designs have the ability to truly transform the interior of a room. Based on culture and region, Anatolian or Turkish rugs are the most popular and greatly loved. Anatolian rugs represent the culture of their local region which is Turkey. These rugs come in stunning designs. There are many types of Anatolian rugs such as Kilim, Kulah, Ladik, Sivas, Kayseri and Bukhara rugs.

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