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Rugs play a major role in the décor of a house. They brighten up a room and create a cozy environment for you to relax or entertain in. There are different parts in a house each of which is for a specific purpose.

To help you gain the optimum benefit of an area, you need the right type of rug. This is exactly why rugs come in different types and materials. Colors and sizes can vary according to the requirement of each room.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the most popular and widely used. They are available in a great variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and therefore, they can be placed in almost any room provided the material and design is in line with what you have in mind.

Area rugs also act as an artwork for your floor and brings all the elements of a room together. Since area rugs are decorative, they add an artistic touch to your room as well.

Area rugs have no boundaries when it comes to designing. These rugs are available in stripped, vintage and abstract patterns to appeal to people of different choices. Most of the time, these rugs are placed in living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms (high traffic areas).

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Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are heavy textile rugs which are manufactured for a variety of purposes. These rugs are known for their extraordinary hand-woven patterns and they come in various sizes and beautiful designs that add warmth to your room.

They are known to perk up your room with their colors and patterns. Oriental rugs come from a wide range of regions that have an impact on their designs. They come in two different styles that are pile woven or flat woven.

These rugs have a kind of what you would call a formal appearance, and consist of bold and finely detailed patterns that are sure to be a delight for the eyes. Oriental rugs include floral patterns, animal motifs and geometric shapes.

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Outdoor Rugs

Come summer, most people love spending time outdoors to soak up the sun. This calls for a comfortable and chic outdoor setting – welcome an outdoor rug! Most of these rugs are designed such that they stay strong through rain or shine. They improve outdoor sitting areas and give a peaceful and relaxing feeling.

Accent Rugs

Accent rugs are a great addition to the nooks and crannies of a house, and to bedrooms. They are often used next to a bed or to fill up small spaces like under chairs or tables. Accent rugs can be used in kitchen corners as well. The sky is the limit with these rugs.


Just like the name highlights, doormats are placed at the entrance of a house. Their main purpose is to dust off shoes outside so that the inside of a house can be kept clean. You will truly experience the usefulness of doormats in rainy and snowy weather.

Doormats are available in many patterns, colors, and sizes. They add an artistic touch to the exterior of a house, and in some cases a funny one so that anyone who steps in will do so smiling.

You might have noticed that there are very limited options out there when it comes to selecting flooring textures, which is why area rugs are such a popular choice. They’re excellent for adding that extra oomph to typical wooden, tiled, or laminate floors.  Colorful rugs are an especially great option for those whose style quotient …

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Burgundy is a deep red color with a dark purple undertone. This color is actually named after the French Burgundy wine. As such, it presents a sophisticated character that is also transferred to burgundy couches.  A burgundy couch is often also called a dark red, maroon, or scarlet color. It is a bloody red tone …

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Rugs are one of the major parts of interior styling. Aside from lending personality to the floor space, they’re also used to emulate contrast and accents. Therefore, refreshing them each year is an excellent way of keeping up with the latest trends. If you’re looking for a stylish rug upgrade, then bold colors and patterns …

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Picking out the perfect area rug for large rooms requires a bit of a keen eye, and if you’re struggling with the task, here’s a handy guide for you: Typically, a large bedroom is 14’x16’ and bigger. As a thumb rule, it needs to accommodate a king or California king-sized bed of  6’3×6’ and 6’x6’x7’. …

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Grey couches and furniture are very versatile. They can be affordable, luxurious, big, or small. These couches can be used in white and bright living rooms and even dark and moody settings.  The best rugs to go with grey couches and furniture are white and light for contemporary and easy decor. Also, you can pair …

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Finding the perfect rug for a small room can be a challenge, and if you’re struggling with yours then here’s a handy guide for you. The most reasonable small bedroom size is 10’x12’, as anything smaller would be troublesome to even fit a standard bed in. That said, the universal rug size for such rooms …

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There is a simple and peaceful feel to white. It is fresh, clean, elegant, and timeless. This color is also very easy to be combined with literally any other shade, especially when it comes to interior design, and in particular couches and rugs.  There are some rug color schemes that when combined with a white …

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Pink and white area rugs are refreshing and sweet, the same as a strawberry milkshake. You can place them in living rooms to add a touch of feminine style and subtle delicacy to the space without making the room feel too cheesy. In addition, pink and white rugs offer a bright new color to a …

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