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What Size Area Rug Under Sectional Sofa & Placement Guide

What Size Area Rug Under Sectional Sofa & Placement Guide

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One can say that a sectional sofa is the very heart of the living room. No matter what sized lounge you have, you can find a sectional to go with it!

But there’s one staple without which your couch won’t look as good! Yes, it’s the area rug.

But since there are so many varieties of sectionals available in the market these days, it can be super hard to find the perfect rug to match with them.

This is why we’ve compiled a handy guide for you to take notes!

Sectional TypePreferred Rug Sizes
Casual 10’ sectional with chaise4’x6’ area rug: A small rug pairs well with this couch size as long as you leave an 18” strip of bare floor all around it.
5’x8’ area rug: A medium-sized rug can also go well with this sectional granted that the edges of the rug fall underneath the front legs of the couch.
Round rug: You can pair this sectional size with rugs that are 6’ or 4’ in diameter.
Casual 8’-5” Loveseat sectional4’x6’ area rug: This rug size works for loveseat sectionals that are furnished in small, space-starved homes.
5’x8’ area rug: By placing the edges of the rug underneath the front legs of the sectional, you can create a wholesome vibe.
9’x12’ area rug: The entirety of this rug can be furnished underneath the sofa if you have a large enough space to accommodate it.
Round rug: A 6’ round rug would look really good with this sectional and you can always layer it with a 4’ round one!
Double sided corner sectional4’x6’ area rug: This rug size can help create a nice anchoring point within the sectional layout.
8’x10’ area rug: By placing a large rug underneath the sectional, you can individualize the whole zone from the rest of your space.
Round rug: An 8’ simple round rug and some stylish layering is the best option for this sectional type.
Oversized U-shaped sectional4’x6’ area rug: This sized area rug would fit very snugly in the U of this sectional shape. The overall impact would also look very wholesome.
12’x18’ area rug: This oversized area rug would only fit this sectional shape if you’ve got a large enough open floor plan to accommodate it.
Round rug: You can use multiple round rug diameters to complement this sectional style.
Round cornered sectional5’x8’ area rug: This small-medium sized rug would make a nice focal point in the center of the sectional formation.
8’x10’ area rug: This oversized rug would also make a cohesive addition to your overall layout, given that you have a large enough space.
Round rug: You can pair this sectional with a 6’ round rug and also create a layered effect with it!

1. 10’ Sectional

This is the most commonly used sectional size.

It’s perfectly medium – neither too big, nor too small; just perfect for casual gatherings and entertaining.

Note: Since this sectional size is mostly used in medium sized living rooms, oversized rugs don’t look good underneath it.

Casual 10' Living Room Sectional Rug Size Options

2. 8.5’ Loveseat Sectional

This small-sized sectional is mostly used in apartments and small homes.

It’s very casual and great for TV watching, resting, and the occasional entertaining.

It looks good with all; small, medium, and large sized rugs, given the proportions and the size of your given space.

8'5 Loveseat Sectional Rug Size Options

3. Double Sided Corner Sectional

With a fully proportionate sectional design like this one, you can either go too big or too small.

This is why this particular type of a couch pairs the best with either a 4’x6’ or an 8’x10’ area rug.

Anything medium-sized would just end up messing with the overall look of this couch.

Double-Sided Corner Sectional Rug Size Options

4. Oversized U-shaped sectional

A small-sized rug is usually used with a U-shaped oversized couch when your space is relatively smaller in size.

But when you’ve got a large enough open-floor plan, then you can individualize the whole zone with the help of the biggest area rug possible.

Oversized U-Shaped Sectional Rug Size Options

5. Round cornered sectional

These sectionals are a variation of the corner couch, but with a round edge at the corner.

They’re usually pretty large in size, so you can complement them with either small or large sized area rugs.

Round Cornered Sectional Rug Size Options

Sectionals with Round Rugs

Round rugs are a fun and unique option to add a casually eclectic vibe to your living rooms.

Here’s how you can pair them with such couches:

1. Casual 10’ Living Room Sectional

As the most commonly used type of sectional in living rooms, you can go either simple or in layers with your round rug styling.

Here’re some great options:

Casual 10' Living Room Sectional Round Rug Size Options

2. 8’-5” Loveseat Sectional

Since loveseat sectionals are small, you can only pair them with medium or small rugs.

Here are two popular and really trendy recommendations:

8'5 Loveseat Sectional Round Rug Size Options

3. Double-Sided Corner Sectional

Corner sectionals go really well with round rugs, and once again, you can either go for a simple or a layered effect with them.

Here are some options to help you get the hang of it:

Double-Sided Corner Sectional Round Rug Size Options

4. Oversized U-shaped sectional

There’s lots of opportunity for creative rug layering when you’re pairing round rugs with a U-shaped sectional.

You just need to unleash your creativity and come up with options that suit the size of your space.

Here are some recommendations:

Oversized U-Shaped Sectional Round Rug Size Options

5. Round Cornered Sectional

This type of sectional would pair really well with round rugs because of its curved corner.

The shapes would coincide and naturally complement each other, thus creating  wholesome and complete look.

Round Cornered Sectional Round Rug Size Options

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Tips for placing a rug under sectional sofa

Since rugs are such an important part of an interior design, it’s imperative that you furnish them in the best possible way.

Here are some tips to remember when pairing rugs with sectionals:

  • Make sure that the shape of the rug complements the crook of the sectional and doesn’t feel too out of place when you furnish it.
  • With small-sized rugs, always have an 18” of bare floor strip all around the edges. It will make the overall layout feel much more spacious.
  • You should only ever pair large-sized rugs with sectionals if you have an incredibly spacious open floor plan.
  • Round rugs and sectionals look the best when you layer them up together. This way, the fun vibe of round rugs is amplified two-fold.
  • Whenever you’re layering rugs, try to use fully contrasting colors that complement each other – as well as the fabric of the sofa.

Why does rug placement with living room sectionals matter so much?

This is an interesting question, and the answer is best visualized if you think of a sectional and coffee table layout – all without a rug to pull things together. Feels very incomplete, even in your mind, doesn’t it?

Well this is why furnishing rugs with sectionals is so important. They may seem like an afterthought when you’re taking the whole ambiance in, but without them, the furniture alone just falls flat.

So do take note of this aspect when designing your living rooms, dens, and entertainment areas.

These are some major things that you must remember when pairing rugs and sectionals together.

We hope that this guide helps you make better sense of all your options!

Natalie Steinweiss

Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Thank you for taking the time to write all about rug sizes and placement. You are very knowledgeable and you have a wonderful eye for style. I have recently bought my first home and wish I had the knowledge you hold to help me make the most of my home.