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Rustic Area Rugs: Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen Design & Cabin Ideas

Rustic Area Rugs: Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen Design & Cabin Ideas

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The term ‘rustic rugs’ refers to any type of rug that evokes an old and rural feeling and reminds you of a remote and secluded cabin.

You might have heard them being called tribal or shabby chic rugs as well. In fact, these are the two main models in the rustic rug collection. 

There are two ways to distinguish rustic rugs by their production method. On the one hand, they can be handcrafted in traditional ways by remote tribes that use their vast knowledge and craftsmanship in rug making. These are unique pieces that cannot be replicated due to their uncanny weaving techniques.

On the other hand, these mysterious rugs can also be machine-made nowadays with an intentional distressed look and design, to create a rustic feel.

Rustic Area Rug Features

Rustic area rugs are characterized by faded colors or signs of age. Some mild wear and tear that does not interfere with the structure and safety of the rug is also appreciated. In addition, rustic rugs are typically made of rough materials that might not be generally used to make rugs.

Most authentic rustic rugs are actually made using local plants or fibers found in the area where they have been woven. Last but not least, many rustic rugs also have irregular shapes and demonstrate impeccable handcrafting techniques. 

In terms of color and design, rustic rugs feature natural colors that take inspiration from seasonal changes. Their surface can show ancient drawings, symbols, floral designs, or geometric patterns. 

The reason why designers adore rustic rugs is that they can use them anywhere and still make them look as a vital part of the interior design.

You can place a rustic rug in any room of your home, whether living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, to inject some character and a traditional element and make a modern design have an appealing rustic charm. 

Rustic rugs can be inserted in many interior styles from Bohemian to Scandinavian, as well as coastal, Moroccan, farmhouse, or eclectic. 

Rustic Area Rugs for Living Rooms


Rustic rugs are commonly used in living rooms to create a timeless appeal within a modern setting. These rugs can make the living room seem more international and show the well traveled character of the inhabitants. 

Rustic rugs are also used in living rooms due to their rough and durable materials. Thanks to their distressed design, these rugs can withstand high traffic and still convey their mysterious character even when the color fades or the fabric tears.

Also, a rustic rug can make a living room seem more inviting and lived in. It can balance out the messiness of a space and create a charming area where to spend quality time. 

A major design advantage of rustic rugs is that they can create their own sub style when inserted in a living room, therefore allowing the space to gain more personality. As such, you can have a farmhouse look, a western look, a cabin look, or an exotic look thanks to a specific rustic rug. 

Farmhouse Rustic Rugs and Living Rooms


A farmhouse style rustic rug is a large area rug with a faded design that can give a living room a farmhouse appeal. These rugs can have a shabby chic look through oriental designs in distressed textures, a high pile and shag feel as well as a fringe. 

The most inspiring interior design move nowadays is to position a farmhouse style rustic rug in a classic-modern living room. By doing so you can add some personality to the space and prevent the room from feeling dull.

It is best not to be too literal and surround a farmhouse rustic rug with many other farmhouse items such as chairs, pottery, farmhouse paintings, or distressed hardwood floors. You want to have a contemporary living room with a rustic twist rather than an outdated farmhouse living room. 

Rustic Western Rugs and Living Rooms


You might have heard about western rugs also as southwestern or Native American rugs. These rugs are infused with color and tribal patterns rooted deeply into a very rich culture and tradition. They can add individuality to a living room and give it an edge through the strong design shapes. 

Rustic westerns rugs are great for living rooms that use a lot of wood in their interior. These rugs can be matched with leather couches and ‘secluded cabin’ styles.

You can find them both as high pile rugs as well as rustic throw rugs. Throw rugs are soft and lightweight. They should be used with a rubber underlay to make them safe and prevent slipping or tripping. 

French Cabin Rustic Living Room Rugs 


French cabin rustic rugs or lodge rugs are peculiar pieces of textile with interesting designs. Most of these rugs feature a collage of mountain themes, including bears, pine trees, lake views or mountains. 

Most lodge rustic rugs are used in cabin living rooms to accentuate the remote rural feel of the cabin. 

Exotic Looking Rustic Living Room Rugs

The exotic looking rustic living room rugs feature tribal patterns. The most common models of this selection are Bohemian and Moroccan rugs. 

Bohemian Rugs


Bohemian rustic rugs are in their natural habitat in cozy and messy living rooms full of plants, wood, light and color.

They can be paired with wall hanging fabric decorations and broad leaf plants. These rugs usually have a shag style and a tribal design in black over a white or beige background. 

You can also use a rustic bohemian rug in a more subtle living room that only contains some elements of Bohemian style rather than the entire cluttered ensemble. 

Moroccan Rugs


Moroccan and Bohemian rugs are quite similar. They both preserve the exotic feel through the shag style and the tribal design, however, Moroccan rugs feature bolder and richer colors such as deep red and dark blue. 

These rugs can add drama to a living room and make it more exciting and thematic. You can use them in a minimal living room to inject personality and creativity to the space.

They are also quite good additions in industrial living rooms in order to soften the edges of cold industrial furniture pieces and make the overall space more inviting. 

Rustic Rugs for Bathroom Ideas


Similar to living room rustic rugs, the ones used in the bathroom follow the same styles and designs. You can use both faded colors on the bathroom as well as bright shades. In addition, you can pick a shabby chic rug or a tribal one according to the style of the bathroom.

The difference between a living room rug and a bathroom rustic rug lies in their size. While living rooms can benefit from large area rugs, bathrooms are better suited with smaller rugs that are also lighter.  

You can use a small rustic throw rug in the bathroom in order to avoid mold and mildew building within the fibers. Throw rugs are flat woven and versatile. They are easy to clean and dry quite fast.

You can place the rug in the middle of the bathroom to make it an accent piece. Alternatively, you can place it in front of the sink so that your feet remain warm and dry when you are in front of a mirror. 

It is best to use water resistant rustic rugs in the bathroom, with a rubber underlay to prevent possible slipping dangers. The best rustic rugs to use in the bathroom are cotton, jute, sisal and polypropylene. 

Rustic rugs can add rich textures to plain and cold bathroom tile floors. Their irregular shapes create a well appreciated contrast between the soft fabric of the rug and the strong geometric lines of the floor texture. In addition, rustic bathroom rugs can spark a feeling of surprise and interest in an otherwise dull bathroom. 

Rustic Rugs for Kitchen


A shabby chic rug is a perfect rustic option for a kitchen. These rugs, also considered as vintage, can make the kitchen look less formal and more livable. They have the power to make the space feel warmer through the traditional patterns and designs. 

The rich design of a rustic rug can add another level of detail to the kitchen, making it feel more inviting. In addition, it provides much needed comfort and cushion for the feet, especially when doing the dishes.

Make sure to choose the proper rug material for these positions. Pick a stain and water resistant rug that can withstand high foot traffic. Polypropylene rugs are great options in this case. Alternatively, you can opt for wool rugs if you are looking for natural fibers. 

Most kitchens can benefit from rustic runners. Runner rugs are typically used in kitchens due to the sizes of aisles created between the cabinets. A rustic runner can highlight different features of the cabinets such as the panels or the hardware. 

Additionally, you can use a round or rectangle rustic rug in the dining space of the kitchen. Choose the shape of the rug the same as the dining table to create a strong design feature.

See our Kitchen rugs guide for detailed layout designs.

Rustic Cabin Area Rugs


Rustic cabin rugs are the most charismatic rugs of this selection. These rugs find their perfect surroundings in both remote cabin settings as well as more urban houses, apartments, offices or even pubs and restaurants. 

You might have noticed a great appreciation of rustic cabin rugs in the meat restaurants around the world. These rugs relate to the traditions and primal character of the whole process of preparing meat for a meal. In addition, their distressed look creates a comfortable feel for anyone entering the room. 

Rustic cabin rugs are flat woven rugs with tribal designs in bold colors. You can find them in bright bold yellow, orange, red and even a more elegant black and white. You can use these rugs on hardwood floors or even more industrial looking homes.

Try combining a cabin rustic rug in exposed concrete floors with steel lighting fixtures, brown leather couches and other throw blankets and pillows in tribal designs. 

Rustic cabin rugs will add character to any room by showing their age and individuality. They are also very fitting in front of a fireplace. This setting however requires rustic hearth rugs, in order to prevent any burns from flying coals or sparks.

Rustic Outdoor Area Rugs


Using rustic rugs outdoors is a great practice for many spaces such as outdoor living rooms, porches, verandas, balconies, patios and outdoor kitchens, especially the ones that have a wooden pizza oven. These rugs create a great link between the harsh weather conditions of the outdoors as well as the surrounding greenery of nature.

The rustic and harsh nature of these rugs goes perfectly on outdoor stone or brick pavements. Depending on their design, these rugs can accentuate a specific feeling.

Shabby chic rugs in pale blue or gray colors can create a coastal feeling. These could be in both floral patterns as well tribal ones. You can place these rugs close to the swimming pool. 

Rustic outdoor rugs in stronger and darker colors are perfect for colder climates. They can be used in more rural settings and closer to outdoor hot tubs. These rugs can be immersed within a garden surrounded by plants and create an exotic feeling. 

Whatever the design you like to go for, make sure you pick the right material for outdoor spaces. Check the tag or information section of online retailers and pick a water resistant and stain resistant rug so that it can perform well under harsh weather conditions.

Try to find a low pile rug or ideally a flat woven one, like a rustic throw rug. These pieces are easier to move around. You can also fold them and store or place them inside the house when the weather is wet for an extended period of time.

Last but not least, match the rug to other surrounding rustic furniture to create a charming traditional look.