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Rugs That Go With White Couches & Furniture: Best Designs

Rugs That Go With White Couches & Furniture: Best Designs

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There is a simple and peaceful feel to white. It is fresh, clean, elegant, and timeless. This color is also very easy to be combined with literally any other shade, especially when it comes to interior design, and in particular couches and rugs. 

There are some rug color schemes that when combined with a white couch, can make a living room seem fancier and more tasteful. In fact, white couches look more prominent when matched with navy rugs, green, animal print, and dark grey. 

Here are some other ideas on what rug colors, patterns, and shapes you can choose if you have white couches and furniture. 

Best Rug Colors for White Couches 

You might have heard that white couches can be matched with any rug color. Yes, that is true. But the rug color you choose to match a white couch will determine the style and intention of your interior design concept. 

There are three main color schemes you can go for when choosing rugs for white couches: neutral shades, dark shades, and pastels. While neutral shades create a soft and romantic look, dark tones make the couch look more prominent and pastels offer a delicate and feminine vibe.

Neutral Rug Colors for White Couches and Furniture 

Use a neutral-colored rug for a soft and comfortable look that brings about the elegance of the entire room. 

Moody Feel with Neutral Beige


Creating an intimate and moody feel can be difficult with white couches, however, it is not impossible. Therefore, match a white couch with a light cream or beige rug to enhance a romantic and mysterious atmosphere in your living room.

Add to this elegance, heavy curtains and dimmed lights and charm your way as a designer into a beautiful cohesive living room decor. 

Contemporary Glamour With an Alternative White Match


Matching white on white is a bold move as it is crisp and minimal but can sometimes seem flat and unoriginal. If you find the right tone of white, however, you can make your living room seem utterly glamorous and contemporary. 

Therefore, if you want your house to look chic, mature, clean, and modern, avoid the plain cold white and go for an ivory rug underneath an ivory couch instead. The simplicity of this match will become the focal point of the room and anchor all other design elements in harmony. 

In addition, it will give your home a mysterious contemporary Asian vibe.

Light Grey Rug and White Couch


Match a light grey rug with a white couch and plenty of high windows that flood the room with light to create a fresh and fancy look in your home. 

The white and grey colors are inspired by the small clean pebbles while also evoking a polished concrete city vibe. As such, this combination offers a mixture between a coastal look and a city penthouse. It provides you with both the cool and fresh feel of a living room by the sea, as well as the tastefulness of a refined metropolitan home. 

This look is perfect for Hampton homes, evoking the sophistication of New York and the nostalgia of endless ocean views.

Earthly Tones for Bohemian Living Rooms


White couches can often feel uptight and make you think twice before sitting on them. But you can certainly make a living room feel more comfortable by adding an earthly colored rug such as huge or sisal.

In addition, include rattan elements throughout the room and you will instantly inject a vacation vibe to your home. We guarantee you will be pulled to sit back and enjoy your white couch. 

Dark Rug Colors for White Couches and Furniture 

Match a dark rug with a white couch to make the couch more prominent in the living room. 

Dark Bold Navy Rug Matching a Classic White Couch


The strong contrast between white couches and dark navy rugs creates a powerful design element that does not go unnoticed in a living room. 

You can try placing a large navy area rug underneath a white couch, white bench, and poufs to create a vibrant combination in your living room. The large rug will make the furniture more prominent and add character to the space. 

Opt for a classic couch if you have a navy rug and vice versa as navy is a noble and graceful color that will always remain timeless. 

Dark Grey and Modern White Couches


You can never go wrong with a dark grey rug and a modern white couch. This combination is not only elegant but also charismatic. 

Mix and match dark grey tones throughout the room to make the space more dramatic. Also, add various gold or brass accents throughout the interior for a more luxurious look. 

The dark grey rug, surrounded by hints of gold and brass will complement the couch and intensify its appeal. 

Pastel Rug Colors for White Couches and Furniture

Place a pastel rug next to a white couch to create a refined and delicate feel in your living room. 

Soft Blue Rug and Whimsical Small sofa


Any shade of blue works wonders when matched with a white couch. This one however brings about an ultra-modern vibe that is unique and inviting. Matched with a whimsical small couch, the large soft blue area rug becomes a focal design feature in this living room. 

Cute Pink Rug with White Couch


This cute bubblegum pink area rug combined with a classic white couch creates a girly delicate feel in this living room. Use this combination in a small bright room to make it feel more spacious and much warmer. 

Splashing soft pink tones is a great choice especially if you have a monochromatic room to make the space more vibrant. 

Best Rug Patterns for White Couches 

Some rug patterns do work a bit better than others with white couches. These patterns have to be selected in conjugation with the shape of the room, its volume, typology, and brightness. 

Here are some rug pattern suggestions for white couches. 

Sectional White Couch and Oriental Rug in Large Living Rooms


Oriental rugs offer elegance, history, identity, and character. In addition, the strong patterns in bold shades can intensify the appeal of the couch and make it more noticeable in the room. 

Using an oriental rug in deep shades underneath a white couch, can ground the furniture and help anchor every piece of decor in the room. This collage works best in large living rooms where the patterns of the rug and the sectional couch do not look cramped.

You can complete this look with matching pillows and cushions by pulling colors from the rug. 

You might also choose to place a larger jute rug underneath and create a multilayered design for more depth and warmth. 

Diamond Large Area Rug Underneath a White Sofa Set


Match a large rug with a repetitive diamond pattern, and a hint of Bokhara charm, with a white sofa set to create a contemporary Bohemian feel.

Add some plants and real wood furniture pieces to embrace the retreat character of the space. This combination will blend together the sophistication of city life with a pure Bohemian charm. 

Medallion Rug and L-Shaped White Couch in a Comfy Home


A medallion green rug is a great choice for an L-shaped white couch. The shape of the couch emphasizes the design of the rug by framing the medallion. In addition, the color of the rug grounds the white couch. In fact, it pulls inspiration from a prairie full of white roses. 

This is a perfect combination for people who thrive in a little bit of artistic chaos. In addition, it is also great for those who need small symbols of nature spread out in their living room.

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Best Rug Shapes for White Couches

White couches can really go with anything but if you want to go a certain style in a room, the shape is also something to take into account. 

Here are some rug shape suggestions you can choose from when matching white couches. 

Faux Cowhide Rug and Round White Couch


You can create a beautiful accent space in your living room by placing a unique round sofa or larger couch with a faux cowhide rug. Use this combination near a window or a library to create an utterly inviting reading spot. 

Mid Century Modern Rectangular Rug with Sectional Sofa


A classic rectangular rug combined with a sectional white couch can create a Mid Century modern look that is glamorous and comfortable. Pick a plush rug to accentuate that will also feel great underneath your feet. 

Choose an all-white and neutral palette such as in the image if you want to evoke a ‘Mad Men’ charm combined with contemporary elegance. 

Quarto Pelt Rug and White Sofa Spot


Placing a quarto pelt rug near a white sofa and semi-dark hardwood floors can fill up an empty and plain corner of your home and turn it into your meditation space. 

This look takes inspiration from Nordic interior decor ideas and evokes warmth and comfort. It is perfect for foyers, long wide corridors or home offices. 

Animal Print and White Couches with Golden Accents

White Zebra Cowhide 5' x 7' Area Rug

Animal prints work great with white couches as they allow the rug to become a focal point without overwhelming the decor of the living room.

These rugs work really well if you enjoy golden accents such as the coffee table at the bottom of the couch, to create a fancy and glamorous feel in your living room.

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Best Rug Material Choices for White Couches

Matching a white cotton couch with natural fiber rugs in earthly tones can create a wonderful Bohemian vibe. In addition, combining it with wool or silk can give your room a fancy look. Lastly, cotton and polypropylene rugs matched with a white couch are perfect for a more comfortable and versatile room.

Let’s have a look at the best rug materials for white couches and furniture. 

Natural Fibers in Earthly Tones for White Cotton Couches


Jute and sisal are obvious material choices when it comes to combining area rugs and white cotton couches. They create a comfortable and refreshed look that catapults you straight onto vacation mode. 

Natural Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug

The Natural Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug is not only made of organic fibers but it is also hand-made and unique. It can quite literally bring nature inside your living room and offer a soft and warm layer where you can sit on without concerns.

Most importantly, the strong brown natural color of jute creates a nice contrast that works great with a white couch. 

Plush Wool Rugs for Oversized White Couches

Solid Ivory Wool Moroccan Shag Area Rug

Plush wool rugs underneath oversized white couches are a good material choice if you want to achieve a charming and passionate mid-century modern appeal in your living room. 

The Solid Ivory Wool Moroccan Shag Area Rug is a hand-tufted precious rug that feels soft and graceful in any room. Matched with an ivory couch it offers an inspiring blend of modern and classic appeal combined into a timeless decor. 

Silk Rugs for Leather White Couches

Match a silk rug with leather white couches to create a glamorous look in your living room. These rugs are so versatile that you can use them in any decor and still manage to make the space feel more luxurious. 

Flat Woven Cotton Rug for Sectional Sofas

Use a flat woven cotton rug with a sectional sofa to create a Scandinavian vibe and enjoy a comfortable and contemporary living room. Alternatively, place it near a white leather bench to create a combination an interior designer would be proud of. 

Gray Cotton Geometric Area Rug

The Gray Cotton Geometric Area Rug is a great choice as it creates a wonderful contrast not only in color and patterns with the white bench but also in material.

All these contrasts add depth to the room and make it much more interesting to stay in. It is a great choice for a transitional space like a hallway or entryway. Not only does this rug cover up plain tile floors, but it is also easy to clean and stain-resistant.

As the image suggests, pairing it with colorful cushions and pillows is also a great move that pulls the room together and adds colors and vitality to the entire space. 

Polypropylene Rugs for Simple White Chairs

Multi Vintage Medallion Fringe Area Rug

Polypropylene rugs are affordable and versatile. While they might not be the shiny new object that will make your living room become extra fancy, they are certainly a great choice if you have white chairs in wooden or dark frames. 

These rugs offer a variety of bold colors and vibrant designs that will make the chair more prominent and certainly more attractive to guests and home residents.

The Multi Vintage Medallion Fringe Area Rug is also a great polypropylene rug choice for heavier furniture pieces or steel frames as it offers a good layer of protection for your hardwood floors. 

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