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Rug Sizes under Coffee Tables with Layout Designs

Rug Sizes under Coffee Tables with Layout Designs

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Coffee tables are popular in living rooms. They provide a functional as well as aesthetic integrity to the space as they’re able to anchor the whole room and provide a place to set different objects as well.

They come in a variety of sizes, so you can pick one that complements the dimensions of your living room.

However, with so many sizes to choose from, picking the right rug and placement can be challenging.

It’s important that you select one that suits your living room perfectly so that the whole ambiance looks pulled together.

Should you put a rug under a coffee table?

It’s recommended to put a rug under a coffee table, as it helps ground the entire room, provides a great focal point, and can be used to add some contrast within the overall interior design theme.

Placing a coffee table over a carpeted floor, on the other hand, is much like placing it on a bare homogenous floor finish. There’s no visual hook and the setting feels rather incomplete.

Rug size under coffee table chart

Type of dining tableSize in feetSize in inchesRecommended rug type
Rectangular3’x1.8’, 4’x1.8’, 5’x2’36”x18”, 48”x18”, 64”x24”4’x6’, 5’x8’, and 6’x9’ respectively
Square3’x3’, 4.5’x4.5’36”x36”, 54”x54”A 5’x5’ square rug is perfect for a 3’x3’ coffee table.

A 6’x6’ rug is great for a 4.5’x4.5’ coffee table.
Round3’ dia. to 4’ dia.30” dia. to 48” dia.4’x6’ or 5’ round rug for a 3’ round coffee table.

6’ round rug for a 4’ round coffee table.
Oval2’ length to 4.5’ length24” length to 54” length3’x5’ rug for a 2’ long oval table.

4’x6’ rug for a 54” long oval table.
NestingSmallest table 1’-6” and largest 3’ or moreSmallest table 18” and largest 36” or more4’x6’ rug for a set of two nesting tables.

5’x8’ rug for a set of 3 nesting tables.
Asymmetric4’ or less50” or less5’x8’ sized rug or larger.

Design considerations for putting rugs under a coffee table

Here are the three things you need to consider when putting a rug under a coffee table:

  1. Size of the sofa: A typical 3-seater is 7’ to 8’. Your coffee table should be either half or 2/3rd of its size.
  2. The rug edge: Ideally, the coffee table is always placed in the center of the room, so the rug edges should be 18” larger than it.
  3. Clearance for the sofa: The clearance space around the coffee table should be anywhere between 12” to 18” to 24” depending on the size of the lounge. The front of the coffee table should have a larger clearance are because the circulation space is always bigger there.

Rug sizes for different coffee tables

Here are all the different coffee tables and the rug sizes that go with them:

Rug sizes for rectangular coffee tables

Rug Sizes for Rectangular Coffee Tables

A 3’ long rectangular coffee table would go well with a 4’x6’ or a 5’x8’ rug depending on the size and style of the sofa.

A 4’ long rectangular coffee table looks great on top of a 5’x8’ rug and a 5’ long coffee table pairs well with a 6’x9’ rug.

Rug sizes for a square coffee table

Rug Sizes for Square Coffee Tables

The trick to choosing a square shaped rug for a square coffee table is that its edges should be 18” to 24” bigger than the table size.

For example, a 3’x3’ coffee table would go really well with either a 4’x4’ or a 5’x5’ sized rug.

Rug sizes for a round coffee table

Rug Sizes for Round Coffee Tables

A round coffee table looks good with a rectangular rug, and a 3’ one can ideally be paired with either a 4’x6’ or 5’x8’ rug.

However, if you have a corner sofa, then its best that you opt for a round rug with a round coffee table. A 3’ round table would pair really well with a 5’ round rug.

Rug sizes for an oval coffee table

Rug Sizes under Oval Coffee Tables

A 22” to 24” (around 2’) long oval coffee table goes really well with a 3’x5’ rug size and a typical 7’ long 3-seater.

A 54” (around 4.5’) long oval coffee table can pair well with a 4’x6’ sized rug.

Rug sizes for nesting coffee tables

Rug Sizes for Nesting Coffee Tables

A set of two nesting tables are perfect for pairing with a 7’ 3-seater. It would match really well with a 4’x6’ rug.

A set of 3 nesting tables takes up more space and would go well with a 5’x8’ sized rug.

Rug sizes for asymmetric coffee tables

Rug Sizes for Asymmetric Coffee Tables

A 5’x8’ size rug would go well with a 50” wide asymmetric coffee table. But if yours is larger, then you can select a larger rug size.

The thumb rule is that it should be 18” bigger than the coffee table around the edges.

Coffee Table Rug Placement in Living Room

There are many types of living room layouts. For a living room with a 3-seater and 3’x1.8’ (36”x18”) coffee table, go for a 4’x6’ rug.

For a living room with an L-sectional with a large chaise, go with a square 4’x4’ coffee table and a 6’x6’ rug.

For a living room with a sculptural or asymmetric coffee table, go with a rug size that’s at least 18” bigger than its largest span.

A round rug and complementary coffee table of the same shape pairs well with sectionals and corner sofas.

See our standard rug sizes guide to learn more about rug sizing in a living room.

Frequently asked questions

Can you have a small rug under a coffee table?

Yes, you can have a small rug under a coffee table – but only if the dimensions of your table are smaller than the rug.

For example, a 2’ long elliptical coffee table goes really well with a 3’x5’ rug.

Can you have an oversized rug under a coffee table?

Yes, you can have an oversized rug under a coffee table if its size complements the dimensions of the table.

A 4’x4’ square-shaped coffee table is pretty big, and it goes really well with an oversized 6’x6’ rug.

So, this is your guide for selecting the perfect rug size for your coffee tables. We hope you can now find the perfect rug for your living room with its help!


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