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Rug Sizes for Office Desks with Layout Designs

Rug Sizes for Office Desks with Layout Designs

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An office desk is a must-have, especially now that working from home has become so commonplace. There are different types of office desks and their corresponding rug sizes depend on their style.

A wall desk or writing desk pairs well with a 4’x6’ or 5’x8’ sized rug. A wall mount desk works well with a 4’x6’ rug. A computer desk looks pretty great with a 4’6’ or 3’x5’ rug as well. A bigger executive desk on the other hand matches well with a big 8’x10′ rug.

This guide features many ways that you can pair different office desk styles with rugs. Let’s take a look:

Design considerations for pairing rugs with office desks

These are the design considerations that you need to remember when choosing a rug for your desk:

  • Size of the desk: The size of the rug should complement the office desk dimensions. Most commonly, the rug should be at least 18” to 24” larger than the desk size.
  • Accommodate the chair: The rug should be large enough so that your chair won’t slide off its edges when you lean back on it.
  • Style of the desk: some rugs aren’t put directly underneath the desk. Instead, they’re put under the chair because the style of the desk doesn’t accommodate otherwise.

Table guide for rug sizes for office desks

Desk TypeDimensions of the deskMatching rug size
Wall desk/writing desk5’x2.5’4’x6’ when pushed against the wall.
5’x8’ when placed in the center of the room.
Wall mount desk3’-6” x 1’-8”4’x6’ rug.
Computer desk4’ x 1’-8”5’x8’ or 6’x9’ desk.
Executive deskExecutive desk 6’x2’ at the front. 3’x1’3” at the side.8’x10’ rug.
8’ round rug.
Corner desk4’ long x-axis, 5’ long y-axis, 1’ -6” depth4’x4’ square rug.
4’ round rug.
Floating desk3’x1’-3”4’x4’ square rug.
3’x5’ rectangular rug.
4’ round rug.

(Note: These are just general standards for office desk sizes. Yours might vary a few inches or so.)

Types of desks and their ideal rug sizes

These are all the different types of office desks and the rug sizes that go with them:

Wall desk/writing desk rug size

Rug Sizes for Wall Writing Desk

The typical dimensions of this desk are 5’x2.5’. A wall desk and a writing desk are the same thing. It’s just their placement that makes tem different.

When furnished against the wall, it’s called wall desk. And when placed in the middle of the room, it’s called a writing desk.

The ideal rug size for a wall desk is 4’x6’. It’s not directly placed underneath the desk, but furnished under the chair.

The ideal rug size for a writing desk that is placed in the middle of the room is 5’x8’, as it gives the whole layout a grand look. However, if your home office is small, then you can also opt for a 4’x6’ rug.

Wall mount desk rug size

Rug Sizes for a Wall Mount Desk

A wall mount desk is a bit on the compact side and its dimensions are 3’-6” x 1’-8”. It’s mounted on the wall, but is bigger than the space-saving floating desk.

The ideal rug size for a wall mount desk is 4’x6’. It looks best wen furnished underneath the chair, instead of the whole rug.

Computer desk rug size

Rug Sizes for an Office Computer Desk

A computer desk is slightly larger than a wall mount desk and is placed in the center of the room. It’s 4’ x 1’-8” in size, and the ideal rug size for it is either 5’x8’ or 6’x9’. The former is for smaller offices and the latter is for larger ones.

Executive desk (6’ x 3’ x 1’3”) rug size

Rug Sizes for an Executive Office Desk

An executive desk is L-shaped. The desk at the front is larger and its dimensions are 6’x2’ approximately. The desk on the y-axis is smaller and its dimensions are typically 3’x1’-3”.

The ideal rug size for an executive desk is 8’x10’ or bigger depending on the size of your room. You can also pair it with an 8’ round rug for a stylistic effect.

Corner desk rug size

Rug Sizes for a Corner Desk

A corner desk is also L-shaped, but there’s only a slight difference between the measurements on each side. If one side is 4’ long, then the other side is 5’ long. The depth is always 1’-6”.

The ideal rug for a corner desk is either a 4’x4’ square rug or a 4’ round rug.

Floating desk rug size

Rug Sizes for a Floating Desk

This one is compact and minimalist, so its dimensions are relatively smaller in comparison. The length is 2’-6” to 3’ while the depth of the worktop is 1’-3”.

The ideal rug size for this desk is either a 4’x4’ square rug, a 4’ round rug, or a 3’x5’ rectangular rug.

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Frequently asked questions

Should a rug go under a desk?

Yes, a rug can be placed under an office desk. But sometimes, for styles like floating desks or wall desks, the rug should be placed in front of the desk instead of underneath it.

How to place an area rug in an office?

Your area rug should be larger than the desk, so that its entire body can be accommodated comfortably on the desk surface.

So, this is all you need to know about rug sizes for office desks, we hope that this guide is of help when deciding on a rug for your own home office.