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What Size Rug Under a King Bed? Layout Design Images (All Sizes)

What Size Rug Under a King Bed? Layout Design Images (All Sizes)

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If you’ve got a large-sized room, you’ll need to get a king-sized bed for the best, most proportionate, and well-scaled interior design look.

The measurements of this bed are 6 feet x 6 feet 6 inches, and it’s slightly smaller than the California king-size bed.

While many people are easily able to select a good rug design to match their bedroom theme, many homeowners struggle with matching the size of the rug with the king bed.

What Size Area Rug Under a King Bed?

The perfect-sized area rug for a king-sized bed is 5’x8’ as it extends a few inches beyond the edges of the bed. However, if you have a small room where a 5’x8’ rug doesn’t fit, you can opt for a 4’x6’ rug and leave a small strip of bare floor around the rug edges for the perfect look.

There are two things that you always need to consider when deciding which sized rug to pair with your king bed:

1. The size of your room

Since the king-size bed is relatively large in size, you need to match the rug with an adequately sized room.

Both need to be proportionate with each other. If the room is too small, furnishing a rug alongside the bed might not work if you want to maintain the integrity of the space.

2. The size of your rug

Similarly, the size of your rug also needs to complement the scale of your bed. While most rug sizes work with the king-size bed, some might be considered a little too small.

Note: Sometimes – especially when you’re layering rugs or featuring them at an angle – you need to consider the orientation as well.

For example, which side of the bed you can use to feature more of the rug, and which one needs more floor coverage.

Images of Different Rug Sizes Under a King Bed

4’x6’ Rug Under King Bed

4’ x 6’ Rug Under King Bed

If you want a small rug for a medium sized room, then a 4’x6′ is the best option. Given the variety of layouts, you can also feature it in larger rooms as well.

However, one of the best ways to match a four feet by six feet rug with a king bed is by placing it directly in front of the footboard. It’s best if you leave 12” to 18” of floor space around the edges of the rug as it will make the whole look feel rather holistic.

This rug is very small in comparison with the size of a king bed. It’s important to incorporate perspective when you decide to use it.

5’x8’ Rug Under King Bed

5’ x 8’ Rug Under King Bed

A 5’x8′ rug pairs well with a king bed, especially in medium to large sized bedrooms. The footboard is 6’ wide, which leaves almost 12” of rug to be equally spread out on each side.

Just place the five feet by eight feet rug flush against the base of the bed and it will look great. If this layout doesn’t work for you, then you can certainly explore more options.

This rug size is slightly more compatible with the large size of the king bed. It’s small, but it can complement the bed given that you feature it in the right layout.

6’x9’ Rug Under King Bed

6’ x 9’ Rug Under King Bed

A 6’x9′ rug can be featured in quite a number of ways with a king bed. It’s especially suited for medium and oversized bedrooms.

We suggest putting 24” of the six feet by nine feet rug top underneath the footboard while the rest of it covers the front of the bed. This layout idea is really popular for bedrooms that have a centralized layout and a lot of space in front of the bed.

This rug size is perfectly suited to complement king size beds. From conventional to unconventional layouts, there’s a lot of fun that you can have with it.

8’x10’ Rug Under King Bed

8’ x 10’ Rug Under King Bed

A king sized bed pairs well with an 8’x10′ rug when almost the entirety of the rug is placed underneath the bed and there’s only an 18” gap between the top of the rug and the nightstands.

An eight feet by ten feet rug falls into the ‘large’ category, so it can only be featured in big rooms that have a lot of floor space to be covered. It’s also best if the rug’s bottom edge has an adequate amount of bare floor in front of it (preferably 3 feet to 4 feet). This way, the space will feel more luxurious.

The bigger the rug gets, the better it pairs with the king size bed. An 8’x10’ rug would look great with this bed size and also allow you to experiment with many layouts depending on the size of your room.

9’x12’ Rug Under King Bed

9’ x 12’ Rug Under King Bed

9’x12′ is a large sized rug that looks the best when the majority of it is placed directly underneath the king bed, with only an 18” to 24” gap between the top edge of the rug and the nightstand.

A nine feet by twelve feet rug is suitable for medium to large/oversized bedrooms and looks best when there’s lots of space around all visible edges of the rug.

10’x14’ Rug Under King Bed

10’ x 14’ Rug Under King Bed

A 10’x14′ rug is pretty large in size and highly suitable for oversized bedrooms. You can pair it with a king bed by placing the entirety of it underneath the bed and nightstands.

A ten feet by fourteen feet rug looks the best when there’s at least 24” of bare floor around all the rug edges.

This rug size works for medium to large sized rooms depending on the amount of space you have and the layout you choose.

12’x18’ Rug Under King Bed

12’ x 18’ Rug Under King Bed

12’x18′ is an oversized rug and looks best in extremely large bedrooms. The only way to pair a twelve feet by eighteen feet rug with a king bed is to place the whole set-up (i.e. the bed, the nightstands, and even sometimes some accent chairs at the base of the bed) on top of the rug.

If your room is small or even medium sized, then this rug can double as a wall-to-wall carpet.

This rug size is the largest one of the bunch and should only be furnished in royally luxurious bedroom interiors.

Rug Placement under King Bed

There are three recommended placement techniques for pairing a king-sized bed with an area rug.

The first placement is where the rug edges extend 18” beyond the footboard, so a 5’x8’ rug is a great option.

Second is where the rug is small enough to have a strip of 12” to 18” of bare floor area around its edges when placed at the foot of the king bed, so a 3’x5’ rug is a good option.

The third best option is when 18” to 24” of the rug top is placed underneath the bed itself, while having 18” extend beyond the rails on either side. Therefore, a 6’x9’ rug is a good option.

Round Area Rug Placement with King Size Beds

Round rugs are fun and quirky, but they can also emulate a gentle sophistication in your bedroom interiors.

4’ Round Rug Under King Bed

4’ Round Rug Under King Bed

A 4’ round rug is relatively small compared to a king size bed. The best you can do is pair it with an accent chair or place it at the foot of the bed with arm chairs on either side for it to befit the oversized measurements of this bed.

6’ Round Rug Under King Bed

6’ Round Rug Under King Bed

The full diameter of this coincides with the width of the bed. It’s a good match for a king sized bed and you can have a lot of fun accentuating it with different floor cushions and other small furniture items.

8’ Round Rug Under King Bed

8’ Round Rug Under King Bed

The diameter of this rug is bigger than the width of the bed, so it can only be featured in oversized rooms.

12’ Round Rug Under King Bed

12’ Round Rug Under King Bed

The largest one out of them all, the 12’ round rug is only suitable for luxuriously large bedrooms. You can have a lot of fun accentuating it.

Runner Placement with King Size Beds

Runner Placement with King Size Beds

You can find runners in varying lengths (from feet long to 16 feet long) which can come in handy when you’re trying to spruce up your king size bed with some great floor coverings.

Rug Layering Ideas with King Size Beds

Rug Layering Ideas with King Size Beds

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