What Size Rug for King Bed

What Size Rug for King Bed

If you’ve got a large sized room, then you’ll need to get a king sized bed for the best, most proportionate, and well-scaled interior design look. The measurements of this bed are 6’ x 6’-6” and it’s slightly less small than the California king size bed.

As with every design venture, you need to complement the king size bed with the right accentuation, and nothing quite beats to the punch than an area rug in this regard.

While many people are easily able to select a good design to match with their bedroom theme, many homeowners struggle with matching the size of the rug with the bed. This is where this guide will help you. Let’s take a look:

What Size Area Rug Under a King Bed?

There are two things that you always need to consider when deciding which sized rug to pair with your king size bed:

The size of your room

Since the king size bed is relatively large in size, you need to match it with an adequately sized room. Both need to be proportionate with each other. If the room is too small, furnishing a rug alongside the bed might not work if you want to maintain the integrity of the space.

The size of your rug

Similarly, the size of your rug also needs to complement the scale of your bed. While most rug sizes work with the king size bed, some might be considered a little too small.

Note: Sometimes – especially when you’re layering rugs or featuring them at an angle – you need to consider the orientation as well. For example, which side of the bed you can use to feature more of the rug and which one needs more floor coverage.

Area Rug Size Chart for King Beds

Here’s a standard rug size chart and a brief look at how each size and work best with a king size bed:

Dimensions in FeetDimensions in CentimetersBest uses and features
4’x6’121 x 182 cmThis rug is small, so you cannot furnish it flush with the edge of the bed footboard or it will come off as too disproportionate. Instead, you can feature it at a distance of 2-to-3 feet away from the base of the bed and leave a lot of floor space around the edges.
5’x8’152 x 243 cmThis rug size is a good option to pair with the king size bed. Align the 8’ side with the footboard of the bed for the best look. You can even design a cozy sitting area on top of the rug with either some ottomans or floor cushions.
6’x9’182 x 274 cmThere are a number of ways that you can incorporate this rug size with your king size bed, but the best one is always when the top 2’ of the rug is

placed underneath the footboard of the bed. This layout just gives off a really holistic vibe.
8’x10’243 x 304 cmThis rug size is large and will really complement the proportions of your king size bed. The best layout idea is when you place it underneath the bed in a way that there is an 18” gap between the top of the rug and the start of the nightstands.
9’x12’274 x 365 cmThe best option for pairing this rug size with the king bed is to place the entirety of the furniture directly on top of it. It will enhance the element of spaciousness all around the room and make it feel roomier.
10’x14’304 x 426 cmAs with most large rug sizes, it’s best just to place your bed and accompanying nightstands directly on top of the rug. You can alternate with the axis – for example, both the 10’ side and the 14’ side can be oriented to head the furniture placement.
12’x18’365 x 548 cmThis rug size is reserved for truly luxurious and incredibly spacious bedroom interiors, and once again, you can get the best of it by placing your king size bed and nightstands entirely on top of it.

Rug Sizes Under a King Bed

After reading this section, for a quick and easy visual comparison of all the different rug sizes together, check out our infographic at the end of the article!

1. 4’x6’ Rug Under King Bed

This rug is very small in comparison with the size of a king bed. It’s important to incorporate perspective when you decide to use it.

4’ x 6’ Rug Under King Bed

2. 5’x8’ Rug Under King Bed

This rug size is slightly more compatible with the large size of the king bed. It’s small, but it can complement the bed given that you feature it in the right layout.

5’ x 8’ Rug Under King Bed

3. 6’x9’ Rug Under King Bed

This rug size is perfectly suited to complement king size beds. From conventional to unconventional layouts, there’s a lot of fun that you can have with it. Here are some great ways to feature this rug size in a room with a king bed:

6’ x 9’ Rug Under King Bed

4. 8’x10’ Rug Under King Bed

The bigger the rug gets, the better it pairs with the king size bed. An 8’x10’ rug would look great with this bed size and also allow you to experiment with many layouts depending on the size of your room. Here are some ways to use it:

8’ x 10’ Rug Under King Bed

5. 9’x12’ Rug Under King Bed

This rug is perfectly sized to situate in medium to large sized rooms with a king size bed. Here are a few layout ideas that you can take inspiration from:

9’ x 12’ Rug Under King Bed

6. 10’x14’ Rug Under King Bed

This rug size works for medium to large sized rooms depending on the amount of space you have and the layout you choose. Here are some options:

10’ x 14’ Rug Under King Bed

7. 12’x18’ Rug Under King Bed

This rug size is the largest one of the bunch and should only be furnished in royally luxurious bedroom interiors. Here’s how you can go about it:

12’ x 18’ Rug Under King Bed

Round Area Rug Placement with King Size Beds

Round rugs are fun and quirky, but they can also emulate a gentle sophistication in your bedroom interiors. Here’s how you can pair several round rug sizes with your king bed:

1. 4’ Round Rug Under King Bed

A 4’ round rug is relatively small compared to a king size bed. The best you can do is pair it with an accent chair or place it at the foot of the bed with arm chairs on either side for it to befit the oversized measurements of this bed. Here’s a visual representation:

4’ Round Rug Under King Bed

2. 6’ Round Rug Under King Bed

The full diameter of this coincides with the width of the bed. It’s a good match for a king sized bed and you can have a lot of fun accentuating it with different floor cushions and other small furniture items. Here are some layout ideas for your inspiration:

6’ Round Rug Under King Bed

3. 8’ Round Rug Under King Bed

The diameter of this rug is bigger than the width of the bed, so it can only be featured in oversized rooms. Here are some great ideas that you can use to furnish this rug in your bedrooms:

8’ Round Rug Under King Bed

4. 12’ Round Rug Under King Bed

The largest one out of them all, the 12’ round rug is only suitable for luxuriously large bedrooms. You can have a lot of fun accentuating it. Here are some layout ideas to get you inspired:

12’ Round Rug Under King Bed

Runner Placement with King Size Beds

You can find runners in varying lengths (from feet long to 16 feet long) which can come in handy when you’re trying to spruce up your king size bed with some great floor coverings. Here are a few amazing ideas on how to pair runners with your king size bed:

Runner Placement with King Size Beds

Rug Layering Ideas with King Size Beds

Rug layering is a fun process (check out our detailed guide), and you can have a lot of fun with it. Here are a few ideas you can use to layer rugs with your king size beds:

Rug Layering Ideas with King Size Beds

So here’s your extensive guide for pairing up different sized rugs with the king size bed. We hope you find some great ideas that match your space and sensibilities here!

What Size Rug for a King Bed Infographic
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