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Different Types of Rug Materials

Rug materials can be classified into two categories: natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Rugs and carpets are mostly made of natural fibers as these are environment-friendly and customers now prefer them over not-so-green choices.

Natural material rugs are crafted from animal and plant based fibers. Synthetic material, on the other hand, requires fossil fuel and petroleum for production which has an adverse effect on our environment.

In the effort to make our houses look wonderful, we should also remember our planet that is a house to more than just us humans.

Natural Rug Fibers


One of the most common and widely used materials for rugs is wool because of its durability and warmth. This fiber is obtained from sheep and other animals.

It is preferred over other materials because of its elasticity and healthy nature, but, should not be stored in humid places because that can result in slight fading. Woolen rugs are perfect for living rooms and dining rooms.


Another widely used fiber is jute which is obtained from plants. This fiber is a versatile material that can take on many different textures. Moreover, it is the perfect material for people who are allergic to wool.

If that’s not enough for you, know that jute is amazing because it is a low-maintenance material, and simple vacuuming is enough to keep it clean. The best use of these rugs can be obtained in high-traffic areas like living rooms.


Silk rugs are very luxurious because of their vivid colors and amazing patterns. These rugs have a splendid sheen too so they are lovely to look at. Silk is obtained from moth, caterpillars, bamboo tress and spiders.

These rugs are very high maintenance and often just used as décor or wall hangings. Silk rugs are perfect for bedrooms or any low-traffic parts of the house where their primary purpose is beautification.


Cottons rugs have a more casual look to them. They can easily handle wear and tear, are affordable, and can be quite easily maintained. Cotton rugs are perfect for kitchens, children’s rooms and bathrooms that are prone to spills and other accidents.

Synthetic Rug Fibers


Nylon is designated from a family of polymers. It is easy to clean and has a strong resistance to dirt. Nylon rugs are durable and can handle heavy traffic. These pretty rugs are available in a variety of colors because it is so easy to dye them.

However, their easy dyeing also means that the colors tend to fade away due to acid-based dyes which is probably the only downside to this fiber. Nylon rugs are best utilized in living rooms or bedrooms.

Polypropylene (Olefin Fiber)

Olefin, also known as polypropylene is another synthetic fiber that has many convenient properties like its strength, comfort and resistance to sunlight and fire. It is very soft, affordable and can hold on to its color. It is durable and stain resistant. ­These rugs are really good if used in high traffic areas.


Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, meaning it includes natural chemicals. It is excellent for use because of its resistance to wear and tear, fading and bleaching.

The only disadvantage of polyester is that it cannot be dyed easily so colors and designs are very limited. These rugs are not resistant to oil so make sure not to put them in the kitchen. Polyester rugs are best used in heavy traffic areas like living rooms, staircases, or an entryway.

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