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How to Stop Rugs Slipping on Carpet

How to Stop Rugs Slipping on Carpet

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Rug layering is a very trendy design technique. It usually includes artfully splaying beautiful rugs on top of large carpets.

The area rugs are generally placed at strategic angles to beautify the whole look. Therefore, you usually spend a lot of time finding the perfect spots and locations to get the perfect rug layering effect.

But the thing is, area rugs tend to gradually slide and creep away from their original position, which ultimately ends up spoiling the décor.

One may ask: why does that happen? Logic dictates that the friction between the carpet fibers and the rug base should keep everything in place.

So why does the area rug shift?

Rugs usually slip on carpet because the carpet pile doesn’t adhere to the rug base – as in, there isn’t enough friction between the carpet fibers and the rug bottom.

So, whenever someone walks on this layered area, the rug will end up being displaced, even by a few inches from the weight of your action. This movement will be gradual at first, but you’ll definitely start to notice it after a few times.

Note: the silkier and plusher your carpet fiber, the more the rug is going to move on top of it.

Now, the question arises: how can you stop this from happening?

How to Stop Rugs Slipping on Carpet

Method # 1: Use Double-Sided Tape

Using double-sided tape is a quick fix that won’t damage your carpet or rug underlay at all. It’s also pretty affordable and doesn’t require a lot of effort to accomplish.

In fact, all you have to do is apply the tape to the edges of your rug back and press it in place on top of the carpet. This will keep it from slipping away whenever someone walks on it.

The great thing is that the tape can be easily attached to rugs of all types, be it small, medium sized, or even runners.

Method # 2: Use Heavy Furniture

Another way that you can prevent your area rug from slipping over the carpet is by putting heavy furniture on top of it.

However, this technique is kind of a double-edged sword, as heavy furniture tends to cause dents on the rug pile if kept as is for long periods of time.

But, it’s also an excellent opportunity to style your rugs with the help of some trendy furniture.

For example, you can put a cluster of nesting coffee tables on top of the area rug to keep it from moving on top of the carpet.

In the bedroom, you can put a chest/trunk on top of your area rug to complement the layering style.

In a transitional or circulation area, you can pair your carpet-rugs with a sideboard or a cabinet to keep the rugs from slipping.

(Pro tip: this technique is not quite suitable for dining rooms, because pulling the chairs in and out can cause the layering to mess up.)

Method # 3: Go for Underlays!

Another great way to prevent your area rugs from slipping on carpets is to use suitable underlays.

Note that there are two types of these: one that are used to keep the rugs from slipping on floors and the other ones are especially designed to keep rugs from slipping on carpets.

It’s an excellent product that provides a hassle-free solution to this age-old problem. The underlay helps keep the rug stationary in its original position without the help of heavy furniture or tape.

Its anti-slip technology is perfect for high traffic areas, so if you’ve been searching for some great solutions to maintain your rug layering, then this is it!

(Pro tip: Rug underlays need to match the size and shape of your rug in order to provide the best outcomes. Sometimes, the exact measurements are very hard to find, in which case you can customize it.

Just measure the size and shape of your rug and subtract at least 5 cm from the edges. This is to ensure that it doesn’t peek out from under the rug to ruin your whole setting. For circular rugs, the subtraction should be around 2 cm.)

Method # 4: Use Non-Slip Backing for Rugs!

You can go for a non-slip backing for your rugs from the get go. This will save you from any further hassle to begin with.

This type of backing is very common in modern area rugs and runners.

It’s made from a latex gel backing. The gel backing is perfect for providing an extra grip on top of the carpet fibers.

It is, however, important to note that the effectiveness of this gel backing varies. The end results depend on the thickness of the carpet that you’re layering it on.

If you’ve got a thin rug, then just one layer will be perfectly fine.

For extra thick carpets, you’ll need a double layer of gel backing that can be used as an underlay. You might even have to attach it with double-sided tape.

So, this is how you keep your rugs from slipping, creeping, and being displaced on carpets. All of these tips are pretty effective, and if you’ve been facing this problem then one of them is bound to help you out!