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Conservatory & Sunroom Rugs Guide: Ideas, Placement & Material Types

Conservatory & Sunroom Rugs Guide: Ideas, Placement & Material Types

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Conservatories and sunrooms are very interesting areas in a house. They embody a whole new spatial quality and atmosphere that is unique and different from any other room. 

Sunrooms and conservatories are bright and full of wonderful views. Their drawback however is that these spaces full of glass can seem cold and uninviting at times.


What can make these spaces warmer, more stylish, and definitely more inviting is a beautiful area rug.

Continue reading to find out how to place rugs correctly to achieve a modern and inviting sunroom or conservatory. 

What Is a Conservatory and Sunroom Used For?


Conservatories and sunrooms are extensions of a home, with large amounts of glass that allow for plenty of natural light to enter the space. 

When they were first introduced to houses, these rooms were used to store and admire exotic and particular plants that needed an abundance of natural light to prosper.  

Nowadays, conservatories and sunrooms are used as living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, kids’ playing rooms, kitchen additions, or other social areas in a home.

They are flexible and interesting rooms that can serve even more than one function at a time, such as a kitchen and den. 

What Is the Difference Between a Conservatory and a Sunroom?


Conservatories and sunrooms are quite similar. Technically they serve the same purpose. What differentiates them is the construction technique and the amount of glazing composing the outer shell of the room, and particularly the roof. 

A conservatory is a room that resembles a greenhouse due to its transparent roof and high amount of glass used in the outer walls.

It is built using brick, glass, polycarbonate, and wood. This room allows for maximum sunlight to enter the interior.

The sunroom, on the other hand, is the same as the conservatory but with an opaque roof and fewer windows than a conservatory.

The sunroom is also called a solarium, the Latin term for “place of sunlight”.

In terms of interior design and rug placement, the sunroom and conservatory can be treated in the same manner.

Considering how these terms both refer to a very bright room, we are going to use them interchangeably in this article. 

How Many Rugs Should You Have in a Conservatory


The number of rugs that you need in a conservatory depends on the size of the room, as per any other space in the house.

If you have a small conservatory do not clutter the space with many rugs. If you have a big room you can use up to two rugs, layered or independently from one another. 

Typically just one large area rug is enough, however, to become the focal point of the room and piece where the eye gravitates towards. An area rug can add warmth and a sense of coziness to the room.

That said, you should not cover the entire floor area of a conservatory, especially if you have a lot of plants or moisture in the room.

Instead aim to get a rug that is big enough to cover cold floors in the areas your feet touch more than often. 

Sunroom Rug Design

Placing the right rug in a sunroom or conservatory can change your perception of the room.

An area rug can make your conservatory look bigger and longer. In addition, it can add character to the space through its shape, colors, patterns, and materials. 

Sunroom Rug Shapes

As in any other room of the house, you choose different rug shapes to accentuate the space and bring forward certain furniture pieces. 

Go for a rectangular area rug if you are using the sunroom as a living room to anchor your sofas and coffee tables together. Alternatively, try a round rug if you have a dining table you want to highlight. 

Avoid using multiple runner rugs as they might slip and become dangerous in a sunroom. Make sure to have a rubber underlay with all your conservatory rugs.

Sunroom Rug Colors 

The main purpose of using a rug in a sunroom is to soften the hard edges of the room and make it feel warmer and lived-in. Therefore, color is a great way to inject some cheerfulness into these spaces. 

Opt for bright and natural-colored rugs in your conservatory.

In addition, any shade of pastel such as mint green, pale blue, and orange can give your sunroom an elegant and inviting feel. These colors look great in bright rooms full of natural sunlight. 

Natural colors such as beige, coffee brown, or sisal and Jute shades will also do wonders for your conservatory by creating a link between the interior and exterior. 

Sunroom Rug Patterns

One of the most common patterns to look for in a sunroom rug is natural foliage or floral. 

Whether you are opting for a modern rug or an Oriental one, a floral or foliage design will allow you to bring the outdoors character in by creating a smooth transition between the outdoor environment and the interior of the sunroom.

Striped rugs are also quite popular in sunrooms, especially if you have wide leaf plants in the room. This ensemble results in a relaxing Bohemian look.

Sunroom Rug Materials

Polypropylene flatweave rugs are the best rugs to be used in sunrooms. They have no pile which makes them safer to walk on. 

These rugs are perfect for sunrooms used as kitchens or garden rooms as they are quite durable. They are also resistant to moisture, stains, and high foot traffic.

The most common design in the group of propylene rugs is basketweaves. 

Wool rugs are very warm in sunrooms but are not as durable in case of spills or dampness. 

Cotton shag rugs are great choices for sunrooms used as play dens for children. They are plush, comfy, and warm.

In addition, cotton shag rugs come in a variety of colors and can accentuate the look of your room instantly. 

Sisal rugs are natural low-maintenance rugs. They go quite well in a sunroom as these rugs are environmentally friendly and mirror the same look like the exterior of the conservatory. 

Lastly, bamboo or other wooden rugs can also be used in a sunroom. These rugs are easy to clean and maintain. They look great when combined with wooden furniture, surrounded by greenery.

However, the downside of this material is the lack of warmth. These rugs fail to make the floors any more comfortable or warmer. 

Sunroom Rug Ideas

Colorful Sunroom Rugs


Colorful sunroom rugs have the extraordinary ability to make the room happier and more cheerful. The multiple colors of the rug allow the sunbeams to bounce off of it and create a bright atmosphere. 

This particular scenario has a striped rainbow rug layered upon a sisal-looking carpet which makes the floor look very warm despite the rugs both being low pile. This is a great way to add colors and comfort to the sunroom. 

This ensemble looks stylish, contemporary with a hint of Bohemian character. 

Light Sunroom Rugs


This light beige rug looks like it is made especially for this sunroom. The whole interior design of the room evokes an elegant summery feel.

The rug is big enough to anchor the sofas but does not cover more than the living area, thus allowing for the hardwood floors to stand out. 

The rug has a plain design that creates a smart setting that combines both modern and traditional elements.

It has a low pile that seems easy to maintain while complimenting the strong weave design of the furniture. 

Brown Sunroom Rugs


Brown sunroom rugs are very natural looking and fit perfectly in a sunroom. They blend in with the decor, the views, and the floor, especially hardwood floors.  

This picture shows a large light brown rug that makes the sunroom look longer and bigger. This is a basketweave design that can last for years and years.

It is easy to clean and can be used as an indoor/outdoor rug which is why it looks so well in a sunroom that many also consider a transitional space. 

Blue Sunroom Rugs


This traditional setting looks quite contemporary through the light blue rug placed in the middle of the space.

This is a low profile flat weave rug that accentuates the room thanks to its calming shade. 

The sunroom looks brighter and warmer. The rug also matches the cushions through a palette of pastel shades.


Can you put a rug in a carpeted sunroom?

Putting a rug in a carpeted sunroom is greatly advised.

Sunroom floors are very cold. Therefore layering rugs over a carpet can not only add another level of design detail to the sunroom but also another layer of warmth. 

Does sunroom furniture and rugs need to match?

It is a good idea to match your rug with the sunroom furniture. Normally, the rug should complement the design of the furniture in terms of shape, color, and pattern. 

Natural rugs such as sisal and seagrass for example go perfectly with woven wicker pieces of furniture. They create a bohemian or beach house feeling which is great for warm climates. 

Wool or cotton rugs match more elegant furniture such as wooden or glass dining tables or leather and suede couches. 

Do sunroom cushions and rugs need to match?

Sunroom rugs should match the cushions to create a more alluring space.

Sunrooms are usually cold due to the large amount of glass that composes them which is why these rooms are covered in cushions and throws. 

By matching all the soft textiles in the room, you can create a design story that will make the entire atmosphere more inviting and comfortable.

Learn how to match area rugs with throw pillows and cushions.