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11 Best Square Area Rugs & Important Considerations

11 Best Square Area Rugs & Important Considerations

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Square area rugs are unique because they have an unchecked symmetry that impacts your furniture layout. For example, rectangular area rugs can make your furniture layout feel wider, but square area rugs are used to derivate compact spaces.

That said, these rugs always make a bold statement and their shapely contrast can make your home interiors feel unique.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some best square area rugs and the important considerations that you need to know in order to incorporate them in your homes. Let’s take a look:

1. Celia Black/Cocoa Brown Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Celia Black Cocoa Brown Indoor and Outdoor Square Area Rug

Size: 7’-6”, 8’6”
Material: Polypropylene
Pile Height: 0.01”

This square area rug is an ode to tradition. With its earthy color scheme, stylistic patterning, and charismatic looks, this rug would evoke incredible personality and character in your interior designs. The floral motifs and cocoa colored aesthetics of this square rug would definitely elevate the flavor of your interior designs.

Since this rug comes in medium to large sizes, you can feature it in your living rooms and dining areas. It can be topped with contemporary, modern, and traditional style furniture. It’s definitely a good look and since it’s made from sturdy, water-resistant polypropylene, you can also furnish it in your outdoor and semi-outdoor areas.

Main Features

– Earthy cocoa-colored rug with floral motifs.
– Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
– Is highly stylistic.
– Comes in large sizes so it always makes a statement.

2. Brandt Oriental Blue Area Rug

Brandt Oriental Square Blue Area Rug

Size: 3’-3”, 5’, 6’, 8’
Material: Polypropylene
Pile Height: 0.25”

The faded overdyed aesthetic of this square-shaped area rug will bring an aura of eclectic tradition in your home interiors. It’s made out of sturdy polypropylene, so it’s definitely not as delicate and the variety in sizes ensures that you can furnish it in all types of spaces – be it small or large.

The blue, ivory, and beige color scheme of this square rug is cool, chic, and sophisticated. You can contrast modern and contemporary style interiors with it. You can also use it as a floor statement piece in your boho-chic or other eclectic style interior themes. This rug is designed to last and is definitely an impactful piece.

Main Features

– Cool blue boho-chic rug with a faded traditional flair.
– Made of sturdy polypropylene.
– Built to last.
– An excellent statement piece for all types of interior design themes.

3. Bowen Geometric Handmade Flatweave Rug

Bowen Geometric Handmade Flatweave Rug

Size: 5’, 6’, 8’
Material: Jute/Sisal
Pile Height: 0.25”

This rug is a stunning ode to handicrafts. It’s got that unfettered charisma and beauty thanks to its hand-woven, colorful countenance. The braided weave of this square area rug is carried out in a combination of khaki and jewel tones.

This rug makes an instant statement and has a distinctly boho-chic aura that would contrast all modern, contemporary, and eclectic interior designs with flair. You can even feature it as a wall-hanging if the situation calls for it.

Note that it’s only recommended for indoor use. You can use it as the focal point of your living rooms, bedrooms, or dining areas depending on the size of your space.

Main Features

– Eclectic handicraft style square area rug.
– Features an expert amalgam of khaki and jewel toned colors.
– Can be used as a wall hanging.
– Available in a number of sizes.

4. Elborough Geometric Yellow Area Rug

Elborough Geometric Yellow Area RugElborough Geometric Yellow Area Rug

Size: 5’, 6’, 7’, 7’-10”
Material: Polypropylene
Pile Height: 0.33”

If you’re on the lookout for a square area rug with a contemporary design, then take a look at this one. It’s tasteful, bright, and features modern geometry that would complement any home interior beautifully.

Because of its golden yellow color scheme, this rug would make a gorgeous focal point for your spaces. You can top it off with beautiful accent furniture without diminishing its bold presence. Moreover, it’s made from sturdy polypropylene, so it’s quite easy to maintain.

Main Features

– Yellow hued geometric contemporary area rug.
– Available in a number of user-friendly sizes.
– Would make a great statement piece.
– Can be topped off with contrasting accent furniture.

5. Indira Oriental Green Area Rug

Indira Oriental Green Square Area Rug

Size: 5’, 6’-7”, 9’, 11’
Material: Polypropylene
Pile Height: 0.45”

If you’re searching for something traditional, then you’ll love the decadent aura of this square area rug. It’s got style, personality, and is gorgeous. The oriental-style designing is artfully distressed and faded, so that the bright color scheme feels even more visually pleasant.

The mix of green and orange is bold, beautiful, and perfect for making a statement in your interior designs. You can use this area rug to emulate contrast within your spaces. It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can use it in any room of your house without any worries about the size.

Main Features

– Traditional style square area rug.
– Features a bold, bright color scheme.
– Comes in a number of sizes.
– Can be used to emulate contrast in your spaces.

6. Smithtown Floral Taupe Area Rug

Smithtown Floral Taupe Square Area Rug

Size: 6’-7”
Material: Acrylic; Polyester
Pile Height: 0.5”

This chic and artistic square area rug would make a beautiful statement piece for your floors. It’s powerloomed in a sandy-brown shade with evocative autumn tree-branches in a bold rust hue.

It’s stylish, trendy, and would pair stunningly with dark floor and furniture finishes. You can feature it in your medium or large sized living rooms. You can also set up fashionable accent furniture like a coffee table and small sized dining tables on top of it.

Main Features

– Beautiful sandy brown rug with intricate tree-branch designs.
– Artistic and statement-worthy.
– The best floor accent piece.
– Is medium sized and can accent large spaces gorgeously.

7. Feist Abstract Pink/Green/Yellow Area Rug

Feist Abstract Pink Green Yellow Area Rug

Size: 3’, 5’, 6’-7”, 9’
Material: Polypropylene
Pile Height: 0.45″

The abstract and colorful design of this square area rug is just like a statement art piece for the floors. It features a beautiful combination of pink, orange, and green shades that amalgamate in a stunning composition. It’s made from sturdy and stain-resistant polypropylene, so you’ll definitely be making a long term investment.

Furthermore, this rug comes in a variety of small and large sizes, so you can easily feature it in any space around your homes. The smallest size would perfectly complement a small living room or bedroom.

The largest one would make a gorgeous statement in an oversized lounge or den. You can even furnish it underneath your dining table set. If you’re looking for something fresh, vibrant, and impactful, then this rug would be the perfect choice.

Main Features

– Colorful square rug with an abstract and artful design.
– Powerloomed for extra durability.
– Fresh and vibrant.
– Available in a number of small and large sizes.

8. Handmade Flatweave Jute/Sisal Area Rug

Handmade Flatweave Jute Sisal Area Rug

Sizes: 6’, 8’
Material: Jute/Sisal
Pile Height: 0.5”

If you’re searching for something understated and organic, then this sisal/jute square-shaped area rug would perfectly complement your home interiors. It’s got that khaki shade that evokes a chic, neutral aura perfectly suited for modern, minimalist, and boho-chic interior design themes.

It’s hand-woven, so it belies an heirloom quality. The square rug is available in two large sizes, so you can either feature in large-to-medium sized living rooms or underneath your simple dining table sets.

Main Features

– Handmade sisal/jute rug.
– Features an evocative khaki finish.
– Is designed for quality and longevity.
– Understated and chic in aesthetic.

9. Square Blue Rug Cotton Hand Woven Dark Royal Navy Blue Square Handmade Rug

Square Blue Rug Cotton Hand Woven Dark Royal Navy Blue Square Handmade Rug

Size: 3’, 4’, 5’
Material: Cotton
Pile height: Flatweave

This navy blue and white striped rug has a gorgeous contemporary-eclectic vibe. It’s a flatweave rug that has been handwoven in the dhurrie style and is perfect for incorporating in casual modern spaces.

The eye-catching design is brimming with personality. The best part is that the flatweave make allows you to just flip the rug over if the front gets stained. The reversibility ensures flexibility and longevity. You can feature this rug in your offices, entranceways, and living rooms.

Main Features

– Navy blue and white striped flatweave rug.
– Designed in the dhurrie style.
– Has a contemporary-eclectic aesthetic.
– Is handwoven from cotton.
– Is reversible.

10. Ariya Abstract Tufted Water Area Rug

Ariya Abstract Tufted Water Area Rug

Size: 10’
Material: Polyester
Pile Height: 0.32”

This chic, artistic square area rug is a veritable statement piece. Its 10’x10’ size is perfect for designing a spacious open floor living room or dining area layout. It’s understated, sophisticated, and perfect for complemented modern, eclectic, and contemporary style interior designs.

The white, brown, and blue color scheme of this area rug is overlaid with abstract geometric patterns that give the whole design an extra oomph! The design is digitally printed and tufted on a canvas with polyester yarn that’s derived from recycled plastic. If you want to reduce your interior design footprint, then this is the perfect rug for you.

Main Features

– Chic sophisticated oversized square area rug.
– Made from recycled polyester yarn.
– A tufted design.
– Is perfect for open floor layout and large rooms.

11. Katie Damask Navy Blue/Silver Area Rug

Katie Damask Navy Blue Silver Area Rug

Size: 5’, 6’-7”, 9’
Material: 65% Polypropylene, 21% jute, 7% polyester and 7% cotton
Pile Height: 0.37”

This Damask patterned area rug will make a gorgeous addition in any room. It’s got that traditional Turkish style vibe and is powerloomed from a number of composite materials. It’s recommended for indoor use only.

The blue and silver color scheme of this rug makes a gorgeous statement. It’s artistic with a flair of tradition and could be easily featured in many parts of your home thanks to the versatile variety in sizes.

Main Features

– Damask patterned navy blue and silver rug.
– Made of composite synthetic materials.
– Is recommended for indoor use only.

Important considerations regarding square area rugs

Square shaped area rugs can be challenging to emulate in conventional spaces, which is why we’ve compiled a list of considerations that you need to understand before furnishing them in your homes. Let’s take a look:

Shape of the room matters the most

The first and foremost consideration that you need to take care of is considering the shape of the room. Most enclosed spaces such as bedrooms and dining areas are rectangular by design. This is a structural necessity as the walls bear the load of the ceiling more efficiently when the room is rectangular.

The problem arises when you place a square area rug in a rectangular space as the shape of the room contradicts the shape of the rug. So, until and unless you have an open floor plan or a square room, it’s best to avoid using large or medium sized square rugs to begin with.

You can use the smaller sizes (e.g. 3’ or 5’) in compact furniture layouts. For example, the 3’ rug can be the central statement piece in a small living room couch formation. Or it can be used as in a medium sized entrance foyer.

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Shape of the furniture plays a role as well

To put it simply: it’s best not to feature rectangular furniture pieces on square shaped area rugs. It doesn’t look visually pleasant at all. Imagine if you furnish a 5’x5’ square rug with a rectangular coffee table or put an oversized rectangular dining table on a 8’x8’ square rug – it would look discordant, wouldn’t it? Therefore, it’s best to pick square shaped furniture to put on square shaped rugs.

Size of the rug

Square area rugs come in large, medium, and small sizes. The bigger ones are best for open floor layouts where the shape of the room doesn’t put much constraints on how you incorporate the rug within the layout.

The medium sized ones can be used as standalone pieces in transitional zones of an open floor home layout. It’s best if you don’t put a lot of furniture on them.

The small square shaped rugs can be used in rectangular shaped spaces, granted you handle the furniture layout expertly. Use them to accentuate smaller nooks instead of placing them directly in the middle of the room.

We hope this guide helps you understand how to incorporate square area rugs in your home interiors while giving you a great selection to pick from!