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Best Rugs That Go With Red Couches

Best Rugs That Go With Red Couches

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Red is a powerful and rich color. It is certainly one that does not go unnoticed, ever, especially when you see it on a couch. 

Red couches are romantic, mysterious, spiritual, and inspiring. Matching them with the right shade of rug, however, is no easy task. You have to look at the shade of the couch, its material, and pattern. Then you need to figure out how well the rug design works not only with the tone of the couch but also with the surrounding elements in the room such as walls or curtains. 

Here are some ideas to help you out. 

Red Modular Couch and Beige Area Rug


One of the most compelling matches for a red couch is a beige rug. This composition is a perfect representation that opposites attract. The completely different shades between the couch and the rug create a balanced look that works perfectly with minimal and ultra-modern settings. 

You can match a large modular red couch with an abstract beige rug with a sheen, in silk or wool. This look will bring attention to your sitting area. In addition, it will pull together the rest of the furniture into an inviting contemporary setting, that feels glamorous and luxurious. 

Make sure the rest of the living room decor remains muted and calm, for this ensemble to retain its elegance. As the image suggests, grey walls and white shades are great choices for a red couch and beige rug ensemble.

Beige Sophia Marble Abstract Area Rug

Beige Sophia Marble Abstract Area Rug

The beige Sophia Marble abstract area rug is a great choice if you have a large modular couch in a deep red color. This rug offers an elevated design with a sleek look. It can can blend in perfectly with the couch while enriching your home’s decor. 

Its pale tones in beige and grey do not overwhelm the living room and allow the couch to be the center of attention. The marbled design however offers a rich pattern that can make your room feel more luxurious without spending too much. 

This is a polypropylene and polyester rug, easy to clean and maintain, and perfect for homes with high foot traffic and pets. As such, you can also use it in living rooms with a lot of windows and natural sunlight as the colors will not fade. 

Vibrant Vintage Velvet Sofa and Plain Blue Rug


This sofa blends all the ‘V’s together: vibrancy, vintage, and velvet. It is an eclectic gem that adds life to your living room, even if you like dark muted tones to create a moody atmosphere. As such, the best textile choice for this sofa is a block color cotton blue rug with a flat shade. You can even choose a wool or jute rug as long as it displays a short pile. 

The contrast between the rug and the couch is mysterious and compelling. Both pieces of decor manage to stand out in their own beauty while offering a distinct character to the room. 

Blue Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug

Blue Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug

You can use a precious handmade jute rug with a vintage red velvet double seater to create a warm living room setting that is moody and eclectic at the same time. This rug is not only durable but really soft and comfortable. It works great for living rooms without a central coffee table so that you and your family can enjoy some time on the floors together, playing board games or just getting lost in conversations. 

In addition, this rug looks quite well when placed on hardwood floors. The blue shades of the rug make the floors feel warmer, which in turn help the warm color of the couch connect to this layer of your home too.

Fun and Colourful Red Couch and Rug Combination


Red couches are perfect if you crave a retro style that is fun and artistic. You can even accentuate this feeling through a super plush and colorful area rug that takes inspiration from the couch.

This rug is a fun piece of decor that does not go unnoticed. It becomes the focal point of your living room and demands to be seen and appreciated. It is composed of multiple strong and rich colors that set the tone for the rest of the decor and create a curated and charismatic living room. You can layer it over a plain and natural flatwoven rug for extra warmth or if you need to cover more floor area with a textile. Rotate it slightly to make it look even more playful. 

You can use this combination in a dark living room to brighten up the space. As the image suggests, even dark walls look fun and cheerful through this multicolored rug and red couch combo. Add warm wooden accents such as bamboo shades or wooden chairs to add a natural element to the room and make the space feel a little bit softer and a lot more comfortable.

Multi Moroccan Collage Area Rug

Multi Moroccan Collage Area Rug

You can place the multi Moroccan Collage area rug in a large living room with a red couch to create a retro setting that is artistic, luxurious, and playful. The multiple colors of the rug can be matched with playful throw pillows and cushions so that the fun patterns are spread throughout the living room. 

You can choose between different sizes so that you can either layer it over a plain jute rug or use it as a single piece of floor covering while picking a larger version. This rug is made of 100% polypropylene and it is very easy to clean. In addition, it offers a plush feel while maintaining an affordable price tag. As such, this is an easy way to make a living room feel not only warmer but also fancier. 

Rustic Modern Look with a Red Couch and Washout Area Rug


A red couch can be matched with a large Oriental rug in a washout look. This combination is elegant. It offers a rustic modern appeal that will add charm to an all-white living room. 

The large Oriental rug adds a classic element to the room that matches the shape of the couch while its distressed washout look gives it a contemporary vibe that makes the living room timeless. 

Use this combination in a room with black walls and white furniture to create a striking look that is bold and unapologetic. Make sure the room is well lit, otherwise the whole space might feel dark and gloomy. If your living room is north facing, it is better to paint the walls white and use a large red couch and oriental rug to make the decor richer.

Multi Vintage Medallion Fringe Area Rug

Multi Vintage Medallion Fringe Area Rug

The Multi Vintage medallion fringe rug offers a unique design perfect for transitional decor. This rug has a warm color palette that matches the tones of a red couch perfectly. As such it is a great piece of decor for a plain white room as it infuses the space with charm and warmth. 

You can use this rug in a very busy home and enjoy a room that requires very little maintenance. It works best on hardwood floors rather than tiles, as the colors match the natural shade of the wood.

Bohemian Warm Red Couch and Red and Blue Rug


A warm blue and red area rug placed underneath a simple L-shaped hot red couch makes for a perfect cozy Bohemian look. The striking contrast between the red and blue creates a very vivid look for the living room, that makes the couch feel more prominent within the messy decor. 

This is a great combination if your living room is painted a soft cream color and feels a little underrated. The vivid colors of the rug and couch, combined with a heavy turquoise curtain can spruce up the space and make it feel more alive.

The entire design is accentuated by the colorful accents thrown throughout the room. The living room feels lived-in, comfortable, artistic, inspiring, and most importantly happy and inviting. 

Multi Vibrant Meadow Area Rug

Multi Vibrant Meadow Area Rug

This rug is perfect for a warm living room that is flooded with light. You can match it with a red couch, pull shades from the rug, and add cushions in blue or brown to enrich the design.

The Multi Vibrant Meadow area rug is made of 100% polypropylene and is very easy to clean and maintain. As such, you can push the Bohemian theme further by adding numerous plant pots. And what is more important, you do not to worry about any spills or mold growing on the rug because of the humidity in the room. 

This beautiful piece of heavy textile comes in various sizes so you can choose a large model to be placed underneath the couch, or a smaller one that is placed as a stand-alone decor piece close to the window, where it attracts more light. 

The pattern on its surface is intricate and does not go unnoticed. It is a traditional medallion design with a twist, as in fact, it features three diamonds in the middle. The background is enriched with heavy floral patterns too. As a result, it goes well with a plain red couch, instead of a textured one. 

Ombre Rug and Mid Century Modern Red Couch


Mid-century modern red couches are quite trending lately. These couches are perfect not only for small living rooms but also waiting spaces in saloons or hotel lobbies. They emit an elegant and romantic retro vibe with a gentle and delicate appeal. 

As such, the best rug choice for these types of couches is a similarly gentle and sweet ombre rug that starts from a pale red and fades to a crisp white. 

Lastly, to make the room feel fancier, add some shiny accents such as a marble and gold coffee table or glass vases. 

Pink Simple Ombre 8′ x 11′ Area Rug

Pink Simple Ombre 8' x 11' Area Rug

The pink simple ombre area rug offers a popping look through a warm and cozy texture. It is made from durable polypropylene fibers with a thickness of ¼ inch. 

As the colors on this ombre rug are quite prominent, it goes well with a couch of the same shade as the rug, you can choose whichever hue you prefer and create a nice feminine look for your living room through this combination. 

This match is perfect for small white living rooms in need of some glamour and color.

Plush Beige Rug and Red Armchair


A super plush woold rug with a beige background and simple diamond design looks great when paired with a dark red armchair. It creates a nice and relaxing reading nook where you can enjoy a good book or a nice cup of hot chocolate near the fireplace. 

This combination is calming and soothing. In addition, it brightens up the space if you have dark walls, allowing you to relax in a homely environment. 

You can add some plants in different colors and throw blankets in intricate patterns to make the decor of the room more playful and enjoyable. 

Natural Moroccan Diamond Wool Area Rug

Natural Moroccan Diamond Wool Area Rug

The natural Moroccan Diamond wool area rug is a precious rug with a very soft finish. It is hand-tufted using 100% wool fibers. As such, this rug offers a plush, soft, and extra warm padding for your feet. It is therefore perfect for winter cabins or stone floors. 

You can match it with a deep red couch or armchair and create a luxurious yet comfortable corner in your living room. 

If you need a larger portion of the floors to be covered, you can even layer this rug with a jute underlayer or a plain white cotton rug in a very low pile. The double layers will also make the room warmer.

So which look if your favourite?