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Best Master Bedroom Area Rug Ideas with Pictures

Best Master Bedroom Area Rug Ideas with Pictures

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Master bedrooms are comfortable and warm spaces designed with one thing in mind: utter relaxation. It is therefore important to make sure that every element in a bedroom is properly chosen and placed.

One of the most prominent features in a master bedroom is the area rug. Rugs are perfect items to improve the character and style of your bedroom. They cover large floor surfaces and can create not only a warm landing for your feet but also a visually pleasing effect.


How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Your Master Bedroom


Choosing the best area rug for your master bedroom also means adding to the story that the design of your bedroom is trying to tell. As a result, picking the right rug means taking into consideration a few other elements in the room such as bedding, bed style, room size, rug materials, floor material, rug colors, patterns, texture, and overall bedroom style.

Step 1: Consider the Style of Your Bedroom


The style of the master bedroom is determined by the design of the furniture as well as the other decorative elements whether on the walls or on the bed. These might include hanging frames or even bed cushions, blankets or curtains. You can combine the area rug to the pillows and curtains quite easily. Follow our guideline on how to match rugs and cushions or curtains.

While keeping in mind the style that you want to achieve;

Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • An elegant all-white room becomes more lively with a patterned rug in natural colors.
  • A bedroom composed of pale colors can become quite fancy with a powerful and bold Oriental rug.
  • A colorful master bedroom can become more unique with a contrasting black and white rug.
  • An industrial style bedroom can become a more inviting and relaxing space with a soft rug in pastel colors.
  • A Bohemian style bedroom can use a patterned rug with vibrant colors taken from nature. These could be orange, green or yellow.
  • A shag rug is a very good option for those free-spirited people who value comfort on top of everything.
  • For a more summer look, a seagrass rug will do the trick, especially combined with a rattan bed.
  • Darker bedroom designs can benefit greatly from rugs with floral motifs in soft colors such as white, blue or grey.
  • Small bedrooms can look much bigger with striped area rugs.
  • A thick and fluffy rug can make a dark and old-style bedroom seem more contemporary and inviting.
  • Contemporary and ultra-modern master bedrooms can work well with abstract rugs in bold colors and designs. These rugs will accentuate the space and make it utterly mesmerizing.
  • A chic and sophisticated master bedroom requires a dark cotton rug with a sheen to look complete.
  • A minimalistic bedroom can feel properly dressed with a simple rug of just one block color, combined with the bedding and the pillows.
  • Grey cotton rugs are usually a safe option that goes with any bedroom decor.

Step 2: Consider the Layout of Your Master Bedroom


The layout of your bedroom and the placement of the furniture will determine what type of area rug you can insert in the room and how to place it. The goal is to make the rug seem like it is occupying its rightful place.

In most cases, the goal is for the rug to be close to the bed and provide a warm landing for your feet in the morning. Other furniture such as the nightstand or wardrobe can also become magnet pieces for the rug. Technically, any part of the floor that experiences a lot of foot traffic needs a rug.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If you have a sitting area in your bedroom, make it more prominent with a round rug or a small area rug.
  • Large area rugs can replace wall to wall carpeting and work quite well to anchor all the furniture in your bedroom. Light-colored rugs are the best choice in this case. You do not want to make the room look too overwhelming.
  • Some modern master bedrooms can work well with rugs placed diagonally, especially when they have extra features such as fireplaces.
  • If you have a bedroom with large windows, an area rug close to them provides for great seating or reading spot. You do not even need to add a chair.
  • If your room is too big and the furniture is spread too far, use a large rug to protect the hardwood floors and make the furniture pieces look closer together.
  • If you have a bench at the foot of the bed, use a rug that goes under the bed as well as under the bench. This will keep the two pieces close together.
  • Make sure the rug does not push against the furniture, such as the dresser or bedside table. It is always best to leave at least 2 inches between the rug and the smaller furniture pieces.

Step 3: Consider the Size of Your Master Bedroom


The size of the master bedroom is important when picking out a rug. You do not want the rug to rub onto the furniture. In addition, rugs that are too small will look weird and not appropriate for the room.

If you have a large bedroom you need to make sure that the room maintains its balance through the size of the rug. You can go for a big rug and leave at least 8 inches between the rug and the walls.

Smaller bedrooms usually go well with large rugs that cover the entire floor area. The most important detail, in this case, is to leave 2-5 inches between the rug and the walls.

Area rug size recommendations based on the size of the bedroom:

  • A 12’x9’ rug is a good size rug for big bedrooms of 10’x13’ or 11’x14’. It allows most furniture to be placed over the rug.
  • A 9’x6’ rug goes perfectly under the bed.
  • A 3’x2’ is considered a runner and will work with most bedroom sizes as they are placed on the empty spaces between furniture.
  • A 3’x5’ rug is perfect for a bedroom of 5’x7’.
  • A 5’x8’ rug can be a good match for a 6’x9’ bedroom or even a 7’x10’ room.
  • A 12’x14’ rug can be placed in an 11’x16’ or 12’x17’ room.

You can also look at the size of the bed and pick a rug accordingly in case the area rug is positioned under the bed.

  • A Twin bed goes well with a 5’x8’ rug.
  • A Full-size bed goes well with a 6’x9’ rug.
  • A Queen size bed is perfect an 8’x10’ area rug.
  • A King size bed is perfect with a 9’x12’ area rug.

Step 4: Consider the Material of the Area Rug

Area rugs come in a variety of materials. Some of them are more appropriate for a bedroom than others. In terms of practicality, thin rugs are easier to clean, especially if they are made of a bumpy material.

If you use the floor of the bedroom a lot, then a sisal rug is the best choice. It is a natural fiber that will be a perfect solution for your feet in the morning. If you want a more elegant and chic look, you can opt for a silk and viscose rug. They will add a glow to your bedroom.

Wool rugs are warm and durable. They are great rugs to place in the bedroom as they are comfortable and thick. In addition, nylon, cotton and polyester rugs can also be good choices if you are looking for durable materials.

Lastly, think about what goes under the rug as well. Some rugs are quite slippery and even dangerous. Therefore, make sure to get a rug pad as a backing material. This is mostly necessary if the area rug is completely separate from the rest of the furniture.

Rug pads are great investments not only because they protect you from tripping but they also offer another layer of insulation. They provide extra cushion for your feet. Make sure the rug pad is the right size and does not become visible under the rug.

Step 5: Consider the Placement of the Rug

Master bedroom rugs can be placed under the bed, on the pathways between the furniture or empty ample spaces on the floor. Therefore, they are divided into three groups, under bed rugs, runners and area rugs.

Under-bed Rugs


Placing the rug under the bed is great as it guarantees that you can land your feet on a warm and soft surface even when you are too sleepy to notice. In addition, it allows you to be more flexible with the size of the rug as you can move it under the bed and place it where it seems more reasonable without having to move furniture around. Rugs placed under the bed will accentuate the frame of the bed and create a more prominent design.



Runners are the ideal choice for small bedrooms. They can add a unique feeling and atmosphere to the room through their colors and patterns. In addition, they give purpose to a small space that would otherwise remain bare and cold.

Area Rug


If your room is big enough to allocate an area rug, then that is just perfect. You can play with the placement of area rugs and furniture to create a more interesting room decor. One way to place this rug is to allow just ⅔ of the bed and the bench on the bottom of the bed to sit on the rug.

You could also leave just a third of the bed on the rug and the rest of the area rug to make a statement in the room. Make sure to allow a couple of inches at least between the rug and the furniture so the floor can peak through as well.

Lastly, you can have a smaller rug that is completely separate from the furniture. In this case, make sure to get a rug pad to prevent it from moving.

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Bedroom Area Rug Ideas You Will Love

If you are still finding it hard to get inspired, here are some beautiful master bedrooms that look even more inviting through their area rugs:

Elegance in Grey Bedroom Design


This very stylish bedroom shows a beautiful combination of dark colors when it comes to the furniture and rug. The rest of the elements are left in white, such as the walls and bedding. This contrast makes the room look elegant and contemporary.

The rug is thin and bumpy, positioned underneath the bed. It covers most of the floor area, including the chair at the end of the bed, thus allowing the occupant of the room to always walk on a soft and warm surface.

The chests of drawers do not interfere with the rug. You can get a glimpse of the floor as well through this layout. This is a great detail because the soft color of the wood makes the room seem more comfortable and inviting.

Soft and Warm Bedroom Design


This is a great idea on how to layer a rug on top of a wall to wall carpet. You can find more information on our layering guide as well. This technique allows the bedroom to include an extra element of decor, in addition to becoming more comfortable.

The rug is a full-size area rug that covers a lot of ground surface in an attempt to add more patterns and character to the master bedroom.

Colorful Oriental Bedroom Design


This attractive bedroom full of light uses an Oriental rug to boost its whole design. The rug adds a splash of color and charm to the room. In addition, it provides a soft surface on the three sides of the bed.

It protects the hardwood floors from scratches as well as adds another layer of thermal insulation to the room. Using an Oriental rug is a simple move when you want to make your decor look more stylish without having to change any of the furniture.

How to Choose a Master Bedroom Rug in 5 Easy Steps Infographic