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Best Horse Themed Area Rugs for Equestrian Lovers

Best Horse Themed Area Rugs for Equestrian Lovers

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Many people have a deep love for horses. However, a lot of equestrian lovers never really find adequate home accessories to spruce up their homes with.

So if you’re searching for things to emulate your love for horses within your home interiors, you’re at the right place.

Here’s a whole list of various horse-themed area rugs in different colors, patterns, styles, and materials that you can browse through. We hope you find something that you’ll fall in love with. Let’s take a look:

1. Carousel Pink Area Rug

Carousel Pony Pink Area Rug

All sizes: Round – 5’4”, 7’7”
Oval – 3’10” x 5’4”, 5’4” x 7’8”, 7’8” x10’9”
Material: Tufted nylon

If your taste in equestrianism takes a turn to the whimsical side, then you’ll definitely love this gorgeous rug. It features a carousel horse as a centerpiece – one that’s woven in a very fantastical reimagining.

The understated pastel-inspired color scheme of this rug is very enchanting. The pinks and purples are surrounded by arabesque borders with yellow highlights. The horse itself is finished in a very fantasy-like color palette. All of these qualities make this particular area rug perfect as a centerpiece.

You can feature it in the middle of your entrance foyer to make an immediate impact. You can furnish this rug in your bedrooms as an accent piece. It can be put in oversized transitional or circulation areas. But the one thing you must never do is cover it with furniture. That would hide the horse and take away from the whimsy of the design as a whole.

The braided design is perfectly stain resistant and consists of a high fiber density. It’s recommended for indoor use only. Since it’s made from nylon, you can rest assured of its excellent quality.

Main features

– Made from tufted nylon.
– Stain resistant.
– Braided design featuring a gorgeous pastel color scheme.
– Has a fantasy-like design.
– Recommended for indoor use only.

2. Happy Trails Area Rug

Happy Trails Wild West Area Rug

All sizes: 5’4” (round)
Material: Nylon

If you’re searching for something classy in the equestrian genre, then it doesn’t get any better than this rug. Featuring a portrait style design of a horse and cowgirl rider with a beautiful boundary, this round rug would make a veritable centerpiece.

The understated peach-blush color scheme of this rug is incredibly charming. The imagery in the center depicts the Old West with a twist. You’ll definitely be incorporating a stunning retro eclectic vibe in your homes by furnishing this rug.

You can feature it as the centerpiece of your entrance hallway. It can also be used to accentuate your bedrooms. You can also create a beautiful little reading nook with an accent chair with it.

Although this rug is made out of sturdy nylon and can take a lot of wear and tear, it’s recommended for indoor use only.

Main Features

– Cowgirl themed round rug.
– Peach-blush color scheme with various bold hued accents.
– Made out of sturdy nylon.
– Will make an excellent floor statement piece.
– Recommended for indoor use only.

3. Spahn 3 Horse Chocolate Area Rug

Spahn 3 Horse Chocolate Area Rug

All sizes: 2’ x3’
Material: Acrylic

This equestrian themed rug has an artistic, almost abstract design. It features a combination of cozy brown and tan colors. The dark backdrop is embellished with a lighter line drawing weave of running horses. If you want something that’s a little more figurative in the equestrian rug genre, then this one should be right up your alley.

The small size of this rug makes it a focal accessory. You can use it to accent your entrance foyers, lobbies, and hallways. You can place it at the door of your bathrooms or kitchens. You can also use this rug to design a cozy little nook with a floor lamp, ottoman, and an accent chair. You simply have to make sure that the furniture and décor contrasts the color scheme of the rug itself.

This rug has been powerloomed from acrylic. It’s recommended for indoor use only and requires spot cleaning.

Main Features

– Artistic equestrian themed rug.
– Has an all-brown color scheme.
– Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers.
– Is made from acrylic.
– Spot clean only.

4. Myrtie Equestrian Printed Area Rug

Myrtie Equestrian Printed Area Rug

All sizes: 1’8″ x 2’6
Material: Jute and sisal

This sturdy equestrian themed doormat is casual, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for highlighting your love for horses in a subtle but unique manner. It’s got a natural color scheme that can universally go with all types of interior design themes. The smattering of horse-related accessories in the center makes for an interesting and abstract focal point that would always attract you.

You can furnish this tiny area rug in your entranceways. It can also be placed in the center of small circulation areas. But it will look the best when you feature it at the entrance of every doorway in your house – and yes, you can feature more than one if you really like it.

The braided sisal and jute weave is the epitome of sturdy. It gives the doormat design an extra bout of resilience and ensures longevity. Additionally, you’ll love that this mat is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It’s only recommended for indoor use.

Main Features

– Sisal and jute tiny area rug.
– Has a braided design with a smattering of equestrian accessories in the middle.
– Perfect for featuring in doorways.
– Is biodegradable and eco-friendly.
– Khaki color scheme is universally appealing.
– Indoor use only.

5. Horses Pink Area Rug

Horses Pink Area Rug

All sizes: 7’x5’
Material: Nylon

If you want to instill your love of horseback riding into your children as well, then you won’t have any better way to do so than by furnishing their room with this rug. Featuring a large pink colored backdrop, this rug is embellished with several types of cartoon horses.

The bright color scheme of this rug makes it an instant focal point in any space. The beautiful horse illustrations that make up the whole design provide beautiful natural contrast against the vivacious background.

Aside from a kid’s bedroom, you can also use this equestrian themed rug as the centerpiece of your living room. However, it’ll only look good when the surroundings are as eclectic as the rug itself. The great part is that you can even put furniture on top of it.

This rug has surged borders so it won’t fray at the edges. The non-skid backing makes it kid-friendly. All you need is regular vacuuming to maintain it.

Main features

– Made of colorfast nylon
– Non-skid backing.
– Bright color scheme and an eclectic look.
– Requires regular vacuuming.

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6. Germania Equestrian Wool Black Area Rug

Germania Equestrian Wool Black Area Rug

All sizes: 2’ x 3’
Material: Wool

This one is for all you avid horse riders. If you feel alive while riding your horse, then you’ll love the physical imitation of that feeling in this particular rug. Although it’s very minimalistic, the weave and pattern still manage to capture the exhilaration, excitement, and movement of horseback riding in very concise physical format.

The black silhouette of a person riding their horse is the magnum opus of this rug. It’s the focal point on a white background with a red tartan pattern on the edges. The high-contrast color scheme makes the equestrian theme all the more eye-catching.

Since this area rug is small in size, you should use it in an accent capacity. Place it in the center of your small entrance hall as a nice welcome mat. You can also feature it at the foot of your bed and surround it with floor cushions or an accent chair.

The soft, machine hooked wool pile of this rug is heavenly to stand on. It requires spot cleaning and is recommended for indoor use only.

Main features

– Features a beautiful rider and horse silhouette with a tartan border.
– Made from soft wool.
– Needs spot cleaning.
– Recommended for indoor use only.

7. Plush Faux Fur Area Rug – Horse Head Art Rug

Plush Faux Fur Area Rug - Horse Head Art Rug

All sizes: 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’
Material: Faux fur

This abstract equestrian themed rug is a statement piece. Its natural color scheme is a sight to behold and is articulated in the form of a faux fur aesthetic that is sure to make an instantly plush impact.

The sand colored horse silhouette in the center of this rug is the selling point for all equestrian lovers. The surrounding shroud of warm chocolate hue adds to the overall visual appeal of this rug.

This rug comes in a variety of sizes, which makes it perfectly versatile. You can easily feature it in a number of spaces around your home. The smallest one can be used to design an accent nook with a beautiful chair. The larger ones can either be used to accentuate hallways, bedrooms, or living rooms depending on their size.

See our rug sizes guide for some tips!

You’ll need to work on regular vacuuming in order to maintain the lushness of this rug. If it starts to get too matted, then call in the professional cleaners.

Main Features

– Natural brown horse silhouette rug.
– Made out of acrylic faux fur fibers.
– Available in a number of sizes.
– Requires regular vacuuming.

8. Horse Area Rug Girl Bedroom Room Floor Decor

Horse Area Rug Girl Bedroom Room Floor Decor

All sizes: 3’x2’, 5’x3’, 6’x4’
Material: Polyester

Whimsy takes a whole new meaning in the artistic design of this equestrian themed rug. It features a large horse as a centerpiece that stands in a literal breeze of flowers and butterflies. It’s the kind of rug that will make true horse lovers drawn to its design!

While there is a whimsical, child-like aspect to this rug’s design, it can also appeal to a lot of adults. If you love horses and want one to be the center of your living space, then this area rug can definite help you with it.

The main color scheme of this rug consists of a stark white backdrop with an oversized horse illustration in the center. The windblown horse aesthetic is surrounded by pretty flowers and butterflies in bright, cheerful colors.

Since this rug comes in many different sizes, you can easily pick one that suits the dimensions of your space. The smallest one can be used to accent a small sitting or reading nook. The medium sized one is perfect for accentuating the bedroom. The large one can be used in the center of your living room.

It’s best if you don’t feature any furniture on top of it, as it would take away from the equestrian theme by hiding the horse illustration.

With hemmed edges and a coated backing, this rug is designed for durability. It is also machine washable, so all you need to do is throw it in a cold wash laundry when it gets too dirty.

Main features

– Equestrian themed rug with a horse illustration.
– For kids and adults alike.
– Eclectic design with colorful accents.
– Has hemmed edges to prevent fraying.
– Is machine washable.

9. Horse Chocolate/Beige Area Rug

Horse Chocolate and Beige Area Rug

All sizes: 3’8” x 5’1”, 5’2” x 7’2”, 7’6” x 10’5”
Material: 100% Polypropylene

This vintage themed equestrian rug is a thing of beauty. Its understated beige color scheme is accentuated with bold black and brown tribal illustrations of horses running through the mountains. If you want something subtle and tasteful to highlight your love of horses with, then this is definitely the best option.

This rug comes in a number of sizes, which makes it perfectly versatile. You can easily pick a size that complements the size and theme of your space. The smallest one can be used to accent your bedroom while the larger ones are great for emulating a cozy, artistic vibe in the dining area or living room. Since the design is very intricate and all-encompassing, you can even top it off with furniture.

The polypropylene weave is highly durable and designed to last. It’s stain and water resistant, but does require immediate spot checking in case of any accidental spills. Otherwise, you can easily maintain it with regular vacuuming.

Main Features

– Tribal equestrian rug with a brown/beige theme.
– Made from sturdy polypropylene.
– Comes in various sizes.
– Perfect for every room.
– Requires regular vacuuming.

10. Rustic Lodge Western Horse

Rustic Lodge Western Horse Brown Area Rug

All sizes: 5’3″x7’7″
Material: 100% Polypropylene

Every horse lover in this world would immediately fall in love with this portrait-style equestrian themed rug. Designed in the image of an Old West poster, this rug features beautiful horses running through a natural glade. There’s a neutral colored border that highlights the main theme and makes the rug feel like a tapestry.

The color palette of this rug runs on the neutral side. It consists of several shades of brown, beige, and tan along with black colored accents to anchor the whole look.

Since this rug is medium-sized, you can use it as the centerpiece of your living room – but don’t put a coffee table on it. You can also place it at the foot of your bed and surround the edges with strategically placed floor cushions. Alternately, you can make it the focal point of your entrance foyer or oversized lobby.

The polypropylene weave of this rug makes it incredibly durable. It’s super soft and sturdy. The water resistance also makes this rug good for furnishing semi-outdoor areas.

Main features

– Machine made polypropylene rug.
– Has a gorgeous equestrian themed portrait-style design.
– Natural browns and other neutral hues are used in the color scheme.
– Is highly sturdy.
– Can be used for indoor and semi-outdoor areas.

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We hope you loved these equestrian themed area rugs as much as we did. You’ll appreciate the variety and definitely find at least one piece that tickles your fancy for sure.