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Best Area Rugs that go with Brown Couches

Best Area Rugs that go with Brown Couches

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A brown couch is probably the king of all furniture. These pieces of wonderful leather, suede or microfiber are timeless elements that can be integrated perfectly in any living room.

Whether you have a classic design or a modern minimalistic feeling to your interior, you can always accentuate the character of a room through a brown couch.

Rugs and couches go hand in hand together. Therefore matching a rug to one of the most appreciated couches in the interior design world is quite a challenge.

If you are finding yourself in front of such a decision, we have just the article for you. Keep reading to discover some of the best area rugs that go well with brown couches.

Does an Area Rug Need to Match a Brown Couch?

Both the area rug as well as the brown couch are important pieces of a living room. Interior designers use them to make a statement. The rest of the furniture in the room gravitate towards these two elements. This is why it is important for the area rug and the brown couch to match one another, in order to create a cohesive design and a comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, both the area rug and the couch are large design pieces in the room. They create the color palette in the space. Therefore they need to complement one another in order for the rest of the design elements to be integrated harmoniously into this color palette.

Lastly, the area rug and the brown couch are commonly placed together, side by side. Usually, the rug is a continuation of the brown couch, which is why they should be combined for a visually pleasing interior.

What Color Rug Goes With a Brown Couch?

The most common area rug colors matching brown couches include cream, dark red, dark blue, beige, white, and grey. Warm autumn colors are also a good choice. These include a deep mustard yellow, burgundy, or sienna.

Orange Olden Oriental Area Rug

This Orange Olden Oriental Area Rug would look cheerful and bright paired next to a suede brown couch.

Brown couches are versatile pieces, however. They can be placed in any sort of design, and therefore be matched with lots of different rug colors. Basically the rug color will allow you to alter the atmosphere in your living room and give the couch more value.

A pastel rug goes quite well with a brown couch if you are looking to make the room feel brighter and bigger. A white area rug will also do the trick. Alternatively, brown couches can also be matched with darker shades of area rugs to create a more profound look based on contrast.

Blue Faded Oriental Fringe Area Rug

This Blue Faded Oriental Fringe 5′ 3″ x 7′ 7″ Area Rug would look chic and inspiring paired next to a leather brown couch.

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What Color Rug Goes With Brown Furniture?

White is always a good choice when it comes to pairing area rugs with brown furniture. In addition to being a color that goes well with any shade, white also brings out the best from all brown tones.

Gray Faded Gothic Medallion Area Rug

This elegant Gray Faded Gothic Medallion Area Rug can upgrade your living room to a fancy space when paired with a brown leather couch.

This combination creates an interesting and powerful contrast in the room. It also allows you to mix and match different textiles and material finishes with one another, creating a comfortable and elegant look.

Alternatively, you could try combining different shades of brown for a more subtle and harmonious look. If this is more your style, try finding shades on both ends of the spectrum to create a deep look and a rich palette.

Brown Flash Area Rug

This block colored area rug includes different shades which can be matched quite easily with a brown sofa. The rich colors included in the various geometrical shapes of the rug make it a perfect choice for those undecided lovers of brown.

What Type of Rug Goes With Different Brown Couch Materials?

Area rugs and brown couches are a powerful duo in the interior design realm. When it comes to matching a brown couch to an area rug, the material of the couch also comes into play. Here are some of the main brown couch materials and the best rugs to match them with.

What Type of Rug Goes Well With a Leather Brown Couch?

Leather brown couches are some of the most valuable pieces of a living room. They demand elegance, boldness, and character. As such, you can pair a brown leather sofa with a thick Oriental rug (learn the different types here) consisting of many motifs in deep red or navy blue.

Red Saxon Area Rug

The Red Saxon Area Rug is a great choice. See some more great Southwestern themed area rugs here!

These types of furniture also go well with cream or grey rugs in addition to white plush rugs for a fancier look.

Gray Trellis Area Rug

The Gray Trellis Area Rug adds a layer of glamour to any brown leather couch.

All in all, any rug that has a hint of luxury can really accentuate the look of a brown leather sofa.

What Type of Rug Goes Well With a Suede Brown Couch?

Brown Jute Braided Leather Area Rug

A suede brown rug goes well with jute rugs, warm autumn colors such as a mustard yellow, a dark shade of green or deep orange. Beige or cream-colored rugs such as kilims or ikat rugs work well too.

Compared to other sofa materials, suede couches are more playful and easier to integrate within a living room. As a result, they are also easier to color match when it comes to area rugs. All of the above color combinations can create a beautiful retro or vintage look.

What Type of Rug Goes Well With a Microfiber Brown Couch?

Silver Shaggy Area Rug

A microfiber brown couch, similar to a leather brown couch can be paired perfectly with a grey rug. This combination will create a modern yet warm atmosphere. Microfiber brown couches are also accentuated by light-colored rugs such as beige, cream or even white.

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General Tips

  • Nothing is set in stone! You can experiment a little bit as well. Let your inspiration run free and wild. Put your own character and likings to your combination.
  • Create a color palette consisting of two shades within the living room. The dominant shade is the brown of the couch, also considered as the primary color. The secondary color can be anything pulled from curtains, pillows or wall art. The area rug can match the secondary color and still complement the couch.
  • Persian rugs are usually good choices when it comes to matching rugs to brown couches. They consist of bold colors that can make the brown couch more prominent.
  • If you want a brown interior, avoid copying the exact color of the couch. Try combining different shades of browns for the rug and the couch.
  • For a medium shade of brown couch, aim for a completely different area rug color. A dark blue or red will do wonders for an eccentric living room. A white rug will also create a sensible and calm interior.